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Baby Insurance Coverage Question & Answers

2013 August 27
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

How do I get my unborn child covered by insurance?

I have insurance coverage through my parents, but it doesn’t cover my unborn baby. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and I am trying to figure out whether it is possible or not to get my baby covered by either my insurance or another insurance before the baby is actually born? I’m really worried about this because I want to make sure that my baby is covered otherwise if there is some kind of problem with the baby, or the care that it will receive upon the birth won’t be covered. Please help! Thank you.

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m not aware of being able to cover an unborn child. Once the child is born, you have 30 days to add them to your plan or get them insurance elsewhere.

Mary asks…

What is a better way to immigrate to Canada?

I am pregnant and plan on raising my child in Invermere, BC, Canada.

Would it be cheaper to:
A) Pay for my immigration & have the baby in Canada and pay the hospital bills.
B) Have the baby down here (full insurance coverage) and have to pay for my immigration and the baby‘s.

Sarah Fields answers:

Is the babys father a canadian citizen?
Are you planning to get married?

If both answers are NO then you need to apply to immigrate as a skilled worker 0 but you muts have a job that is on this list.


jobs in demand

skilled worker visa

If the answers are both YES then you must apply for the family class vias

it is highly unlikely that your visa will have completed processing in the next 12 months so if you choose to have your baby in Canada you will be required to show that you can pay all the bills – and a 3 day stay in hospital costs around $10,000.

As for your choices, I think option B will be cheaper.

Chris asks…

5 months pregnant and husband is getting layoff. How long before we lose medical coverage?

My hubby just got the news that the company is shutting down operations on May 13 and he more than likely will be laid off. We have had awesome medical with a flexible spending account and we are about to lose everything just when we are having our first baby. I’m 5 months pregnant. How long before our health insurance coverage runs out? Any advice from people who have gone thru things like this before? We are lost for words.

Sarah Fields answers:

If there is no severance package that includes health insurance, it will most likely be end of the month that he is let go in (May 31). However, it might also be the last day of employment.
= based on company policy.

If the company is shutting down, shutting down (as in no locations anywhere), he is not eligible for COBRA because the plan is shutting down.
If just his job or location are closing, if the company has 20 or more employees he will be eligible for COBRA. If less than 20 employees, there is no federal requirement for COBRA but many states have their own COBRA law for this group.
= COBRA is the exact same insurance as you have now, the difference is you have to pay 102% of the cost. It’s no longer split between employee and employer.

If you have access to insurance through your employer, you have 30 days from losing your husband’s coverage, to be eligible to enroll in your company’s plan.

If you or your husband get insurance through a new employer that has maternity coverage, your pregnancy and delivery will be covered. Pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition on employer based insurance plans.

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