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Baby Insurance First 30 Days Question & Answers

2013 December 6
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

Can you tell me the cost of glucophage without insurance?

I would like to know how much the generic is without insurance for a 30 day supply if there are any people knowledgable about pharmceuticals. My doctor is thinking of putting me on this drug after I have my baby in April for insulin resistance. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Always check your local walmart and any supermarket chains to see if it is on their 4$ list, otherwise you can also shop line from Mexico or Europe for lower cost generics. I pasted the site below where I buy some of my maintenance prescriptions in generic form

Michael asks…

Do health insurance companies record all calls?

My wife was told that our newborn would be covered by her insurance for the first 30 days of life. After securing insurance at the 30 day mark, we were told he was not covered. We were given bad information, is there any way to prove this?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, they don’t record ALL calls, and even if that call was recorded, you have no legal access to that information.

Your wife SHOULD have gotten a “confirmation number” from them. Because obviously to everyone in insurance here (but NOT obvious to most CUSTOMERS), there’s no “automatic coverage” unless you have welfare health insurance. If you don’t add the baby to wife’s policy WITHIN the first 30 days, RETROACTIVE to the date of birth, there is no coverage.

George asks…

How does health insurance work for a newborn baby?

Our future child will be covered by BCBS (group plan). When I called, the rep stated you have 30 days after the birthdate to add the child. I then asked, if the child is born let’s say premature and they begin acruing individual medical bills from day one, will the health coverage added within 30 days cover the acrued medical bills?

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, when the baby is born, the expenses are billed under your #s until you add the baby.

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