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Baby Insurance First 30 Days Question & Answers

2016 March 3
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

Laid off at 6 months prego after 9 months of work, can i get unemployment?

I live in Oregon and rcvd a 30 day layoff notice today that said the are terminating my position. Can i get unemployment? What happens when i have the baby in november and CANT look for work for 6 weeks? What happens to my health ins, BCBS? Can i refile after the 6 weeks are over? any help would be great, i am freaking out!!! no severance that i know of, and i dont get the std either anymore.

Sarah Fields answers: problem… Up to 20 weeks. Being pregnant. If you had insurance through your employer,you will have a cobra program,and will be offered to you for a higher price.. If not you can buy one online.

Sharon asks…

30 day insurance policy for newborns?

I am a teen mom and since the baby can’t be covered under my parents insurance we are planning to do a legal guardianship, however you cannot get guardianship of an unborn child so we are doing it after he is born. But I was wondering if right after he is born if the hospital bills will be under my parents insurance because I have heard there is a 30 day period in which you need to get the baby‘s insurance arranged. So during the 30 days would the baby‘s hospital stay and everything be covered while we get the insurance arranged? Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

Most insurances will cover a newborn for the first 30 days to allow you time to do the paperwork. It varies depending on the insurance plan and for some it is 20 days, or some other rule. The best thing to do would be to call the insurance and ask about the coverage policy, and what you need to do. Some plans require you to pre-certify the birth, so that they know the bills are coming.

Carol asks…

When do I need to start packing a bag for the hospital?

This is my 1st baby girl and I am 30 weeks and 4 days I dont know when to start packing our bags I dont wnat to pack to early or to late and I dont really know what I need to pack can you help?

Sarah Fields answers:

I would suggest packing a month in advance; you never know if your baby will decide to come early.

Here is what I packed:
Nightgown and Robe
Socks and Slippers
Tight Fitting Sports Bra (or Nursing Bra) and Nursing Pads
Loose Fitting Outfit to go home

Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body and Face Soap
Hair Bruh and Hair Ties/Clips
Lip Balm

Any medications you are taking
Tums, Rolaids, or Gas-X
Hard Candy / Lozenges
Headphones and Book/Magazines

Driver’s License
Insurance Card
Copy of Registration Paperwork
Cell Phone

All of this fit into a tiny rolling suitcase, so if you pack well it won’t take up that much space. Some people like to take a pillow from home. Make sure you pack a change of clothes and some toiletries for your significant other, too. It can also be helpful to pack a small empty bag for all the hospital supplies you will receive.

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