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Baby Insurance First 30 Days Question & Answers

2013 June 9
by Sarah Fields

Donna asks…

when a baby is born are they automactically covered under your insurnce for the first 30 days?

if the baby is covered under insurance for the 30 days do you have to put them under your policy so they can have medical coverage?

Sarah Fields answers:

As soon as you get home from the hospital you should get your baby added. They are covered for the first 30 days if you add them within the thirty days. But the reason I say to do it asap is because when you do it right away everything goes much smoother when you get bills and stuff. Also I waited three weeks and I ended up having to get a prescription for the baby at the two week check up and she was not showing on the policy yet at the pharmacy so I had to pay for it.

Lizzie asks…

The free 30 day pet insurance that the shelter gives you when you adopt apet, is it free?

I have recently adopted a baby girl maltese mix from the animal shelter and I have a free gift of 30 days free vet insurance. Do I have to pay a deductible if I want to bring her in for a routine check or if she gets sick within those 30 days?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your free trial means that you do not have to pay the monthly cost (premium) for insurance during that month, but your pet is still covered by insurance. There may be a deductible, meaning you would have to pay for a portion of the veterinary bill should your new pet get sick or injured. I would recommend calling the insurance company and they can provide you with the exact details.
Congratulations on your new dog!

Linda asks…

my employer has denied me the opportunity to cancel my insurance because i exceeded the 30 days in which to?

notify them. we recently married and were instructed to wait 30 days before requesting a marriage certificate and therefore could not provide documentation. however i’m told that i should have at least let them know that we were married. i don’t see how this would have helped since we still don’t have legal documents to substantiate the marriage and we are approaching 90 days since the big day. is there something i can do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Nope. Nothing you can do. Sorry.

Its your responsibility to notify your employer of a qualifying event within the appropriate time frame.

(And that time frame isn’t just your employer’s own rule – its part of an IRS regulation regarding pre-tax health benefits. Your employer’s hands are tied too, unless they feel like committing an IRS violation just to help you out. Lol)

Even if you didn’t have a certified copy of the marriage certificate, you still should have informed your employer. (And really, this is something you should have discussed with your Human Resources office before the wedding even took place, so that you were prepared for what needed to be done after the wedding.)

Consider this an expensive lesson learned. And if you plan to have children, also remember to notify your/your husband’s employer in the appropriate time frame. Otherwise, your baby will go without insurance until the next open enrollment period!

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