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Baby Insurance Plans Question & Answers

2015 September 15
by Sarah Fields

Lizzie asks…

How much does it cost to have a baby at Mercy Hospital in Iowa?

Trying to get a rough estimate so I can figure out if I should go with a high deductible insurance plan that has no premiums since I will hit my max out of pocket either way and then covered the rest of the year at 100%. The lower deductible plan I have to pay 20% co insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Ha! I just happen to work for Mercy in Iowa

For an uncomplicated non-medicated natural birth the average stay cost $5000 – add another $700 or so if she wants med’s such as an epidural – this covers the cost of the newborn as well

For a C-Section your looking at an average of $12,000-15,000

Jenny asks…

Can I avail shortterm disability benefits in pregnancy even if worked only for 2 mnths with an employer?

Hi, I am covered under my spouse’s insurance plan which includes short term disability benefits. My spouse plans to leave his current employer. The new employer also provides short term disability benefits. We are expecting the baby in 3 months.

Can I avail short term disability benefits in pregnancy even if my spouse has worked only for 2 mnths with the new employer?

Please advise.

Sarah Fields answers:

What is your disability? Pregnancy is not a disability.

Short term disability usually provides a portion of income that is lost due to a temporary disability. you had a disability (or they qualify pregnancy as one) and you had an income that was lost due to the disability, you would be ably to apply for the benefits.

I think that you are misunderstanding the policy, though, and I doubt you will get any benefits, from the old insurance or the new one.

Laura asks…

how can I reduce the cost of my hospital bill for delivering a baby?

I’m going to deliver (c-section) next week and the hospital says it’s going to costs us a total of $4,534! We don’t have the best plan for insurance, we have the plan below that where you pay 30% of cost. We made a big mistake by reducing our insurance plan obviously, but I was wondering, is there a way to make this bill go down?

Sarah Fields answers:

No there’s really not. Sorry /:
I would recommend signing up for a payment plan and then asking them after a few payments for a discount. Hospitals usually will just write off the difference if you say that you’re struggling to pay the difference and ask for a payment plan.

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