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Baby Insurance Plans Question & Answers

2013 August 1
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

Can I stay on my parents health insurance once I have my baby?

I am 18 years old. I am pregnant and due in may. My boyfriends parents are prepared to help in any way but I haven’t told my parents yet. I was planning on stayin on their health insurance until I graduate college. Can I still stay on their insurance once I have my baby? And can my baby go on my boyfriends insurance plan? Or do I have to register for my own health insurance now?


Sarah Fields answers:

My fiance is on her parents insurance and I’m on my parents. Our little girl can’t be on either insurances so I have to get a second one through my work. If your bf has his own insurance and he is the legal father then he can put the baby on his. You can stay on their insurance after the baby. It won’t change your eligibility status. Ignore the green guy below. His answers are “stunted” for knowledge.

Joseph asks…

Is it too early to think about life insurance?

My husband is 36, I am 28 and we have a 5-month-old baby. What life insurance plan should we consider? I’m in the FL area.

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s definately not too early! My husband and I set up our life insurance 6 months before our first child was born. Definately do some research online first to get an idea of how much coverage you need, so you don’t get the hard sell for something you don’t need. A 20 or 25 year term insurance policy meets most families’ needs and provides security for the time when kids are young.

Sharon asks…

What can you do if you go beyond 30 day deadline to get newborn baby on health insurance?

Our baby was born 7/07/06, wife had an extra week stay due to complications and has been an ongoing thing so lost track of getting the health insurance application in. Health insurance is telling me I have waited too long to get my new baby on my company health insurance plan due to an IRS law and now, of course, all the claims for the medical bills are not being met and bills are due. WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR ADVICE.

Sarah Fields answers:

Gerber has life & health ins. For newborns

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