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Baby Insurance Prices Question & Answers

2014 October 16
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

What is most affordable way to have a baby in south florida?

i am about 2 months pregnant and would like to get some advice on how to afford a pregnancy and the first few months after the birth. I don’t qualify for medicaid. is there a cheap hospital plan or discount/ insurance that is recommendable? Also, is there maybe a public facility to inform women about what is really needed for a pregnancy?

Sarah Fields answers:

Where I live medical care is free, or highly subsidized, so I’m sorry I cannot help you there.
But here is the absolute basics that you’ll need for your baby, and tips on cutting costs:
– buy all baby clothing from thrift or consignment stores. They have really great prices, and the clothing is mostly fantastic condition and cute too! Do not buy one piece of newborn clothing, or only buy 2-3 newborn onesies incase baby is small. But only 0-3 month clothing. Collect pieces now. Buy unisex white, yellow, green, red etc clothing mostly onesie/sleeper outfits. Don’t get any fancy jeans, tops etc, just focus on onesies, singlets, socks and a few woolen cardigans.
Baby clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. I bought a bag of 10 baby onesies, singlets and nice cotton tops for $6.50, all were in great condition. Shop around at different thrift shops.
Start to shop now for clothing. Get size 0-3 as a priority, and begin of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing as well. You can also pick up crib sheets, blankets and other nursery items from thrift shops.
Look on Craigslist and look out for yard sales for baby items.
Buy a crib mattress, Carseat (don’t get an infant seat, get a convertible will last way longer) and baby sling/stroller new. You can layaway at babies r us, and pay it off.
Reusable diapers are way cheaper long-term, as is breast feeding (save heaps!!!)
To to a budgeter, they will help you budget which is great to see where your money goes.
Good luck!

Linda asks…

Has anyone had a baby by artificial insemination? How safe is it?

I can’t have babies cause my tubes are block and I hear the the best way is by artifial insemination but i am a little scare. Is it painful and how expensive it is?

Sarah Fields answers:

With blocked tubes, you will have to go with IVF. The process typically involves numerous injections (all small needle shots that you can do yourself) and lots of monitoring. You will need regular bloodwork and ultrasounds. The meds will hyperstimulate your ovaries so that you will produce lots of follicles and eggs. There are side effects from the meds like occassional injection site irritation, mood swings, bloating etc . . . The doctor will monitor you to make sure that it is not too bad. They will put you under anesthesia to remove the eggs using a hollow-tipped needle. It isn’t fun . . . But not too painful. Afterwards, you will sore – kind of like you did too many crunches and will need to spend the day resting and getting over the anesthesia. The doctors will take your partner’s semen, fertilize the eggs, grow them in the lab for a few days and then transfer an embryo (or more) back into you.

As to cost, there are currently 15 states in the US that mandate some sort of fertilty coverage. You can research it at and/or go to the website where you can call an specialist to research your individual policy. Without any insurance, the price range is btw $10,000 to $16,000 sometimes more depending on the monitoring, meds, storage, lab costs etc . . .

Good luck

Michael asks…

What health insurance company do you recommend for individual policies?

I’d like to purchase a personal plan since I work as a contractor. What do you recommend for lowest price and best coverage?

Sarah Fields answers:

First off, if you or anyone in the family is pregnant you will not be able to purchase an individual plan until after the baby is born.

There is no one best plan for everyone; if there were that would be the only company in business. The best plan for you will depend upon your personal situation, such as age, BMI, smoking status, and pre-existing conditions. Also, your location makes a difference because most companies do not write policies in all states. The companies that do write in your state will have several options, from a budget plan with many exclusions and limitations up to a more comprehensive plan with a higher premium but gives you better coverage.

You need to visit a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can work with you to find the best plan for your budget and situation. There is no extra charge using an agent. Do not try to do this over the internet. Most internet sites just harvest your personal information and sell it.

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