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Baby Insurance Prices Question & Answers

2013 September 27
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

What are some things to do for depression other than meds?

Like home things??? How do you tell the severity level of your depression? Like if its bad enough you need a doctor or if its just a phase?

I had a baby 10 weeks ago… felt fine for about a month… then everything went wrong. I cry every dat, hate myself and the way I look, all I want to do is sleep in my room alone, I hate tv, radio, going out in public, sometimes I feel like my hubby and son would be better off without me around… Im just going to end up causing my son to have low self esteem adn the same problems I do. I dont know how to get better. I have no health insurance anymore.. it expired. We are looking into me more insurance b ut we are comparing hubbys insurance prices to others… And I cant really afford a doc payment with no insurance.

So, is there anything I can do at home to make me feel even a little better… I feel like Im at my end…

anyway.. thanks in advance.

Sarah Fields answers:

You are not alone and you are not abnormal! I had post-partum depression on and off for five years, much worse after my second baby. It nearly destroyed me. At that time the only medication on offer was tranquilizers and when I realised I couldn’t drive if I took them, I binned them and struggled on. Nowadays low seratonin levels in the brain have been identified as a cause of depression and medications now are much better. BUT there could be something else at work, as it was in my case.

Get yourself checked for an underactive thyroid. Many new mothers don’t get their hormone levels back to normal after baby arrives because that gland in the neck goes wonky. If you have put on a lot of weight quite quickly, are horribly sluggish in the mornings more so than later in the day, feel depressed all the time, weeping and with no motivation – you could be hypothyroid and no amount of dieting or exercise will make the slightest difference. It won’t cost you anything to email this lady who can put you in touch with USA websites:
Also try
I’ll be praying for you too. God bless you and your family.

Linda asks…

Why are women getting upset over this new EU car insurance ruling?

Women want to be treated the same as men…same pay, same rights etc but now that the EU has ruled that gender should not e a factor in determining car insurance prices they are not happy about it? I’m confused
@lazybones this is called yahoo answers. I’m allowed to ask as many questions as many times as I want. I asked again to get answers from different people because people live in different countries which have different time zones. If it was against the guidelines I’m sure yahoo would remove it. So before you pass judgment on others try to understand the reason behind their actions :)

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s because feminists and the stupid women that agree with them don’t want the same pay, same rights, etc. What they want is way more pay for very little work, all the rights of men and none of the responsibilities while also having immense amounts of special privileges, and the “right” to have any man arrested for any reason, (usually bad ones), and to be believed when they make up lies about others to do them harm. Women and feminists also want to be allowed to murder not only unborn babies but anyone without any repercussions.

Basically only the weakest and most stupid of men would give in to any demands these insane lesbians and childish women make. Oh that’s right, the “men” giving into these overgrown children are our corrupt, cowardly politicians.

Sharon asks…

How does marriage affect insurance and taxes?

I am planning to marry a man in the military at the time of his deployment. My family is against marriage before late twenties/early thirties. I am wondering if we elope then and do the ceremony later, is there any way my family would find out? Here are my circumstances
-Full time student (financially independent), however my parents claim me on taxes for tuition.
-Under parents insurance

I understand that there is a way to file our taxes separately so I may still be a dependent…how would the insurance work?


Sarah Fields answers:

Car insurance prices are different depending on whether the driver is married or single. If you are under your parent’s car insurance, then you have to tell them, so that they can pay the correct price for car insurance.

Health insurance companies do not have to allow you to stay on your parent’s policy if you are able to get insurance from your spouse’s job. Since he is in the military, if you marry him, then you will be eligible for Tricare (insurance that the military provides to its personnel and their dependents), so your parent’s insurance will not have to cover you. Many insurance policies will continue to cover you if you are under 24 and a full time student. If you are over 24, then you are less likely to be able to stay under your parent’s health insurance.

If you file your taxes jointly, then your parents will not be allowed to claim you as a dependent; if they try, then they will find out that they are not allowed to claim you (although not necessarily why). If you file separately, then the marriage does not affect their taxes.

Another (dishonest) option is to fake a pregnancy. Families that seem to be against a marriage may be even more opposed to having children out of wedlock. If you say that they are pregnant, so the options are marriage, having a child without being married, or getting an abortion, they may agree that marriage is the least objectionable. (Later, you can claim that you had a miscarriage if they notice that no baby was born.)

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