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Baby Insurance Question & Answers

2014 October 30
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

How does Medicaid work when it comes to my newborn?

I just got accepted for Medicaid (healthy connections). This is my secondary insurance for myself and will be my baby boys insurance when he arrives. I was told he would be covered for a little while, but in order to recieve his card and him to still be on Medicaid … What do i need to do? Have the hospital fax papers, proof of birth? Or wait until he gets his social security card/birth certificate? I’ve never revieved public health assistance until now and need some help on how to go about medicaid when the baby boy arrives! Thankyou.

Sarah Fields answers:

Call your case worker and ask if you can get an unborn baby medical card. I had one and he was “unknown (my last name)” on the card. Once he was born and I submitted information for his birth certificate, I called my case worker and said he was born. They sent me a card with his name on it and I threw out the “unknown” card. My caseworker didn’t require me to submit any paper work because the hospital did it for me. Just ask if they need a copy of the birth certificate or social security card in order to get the card with your baby’s name on it. The ‘unknown’ card works for a whole year though, I believe, so you’ve got some time to sort out getting the card with his name on it.

Mandy asks…

Is Gerber Life Insurance for a child a good thing?

What is the point in buying a baby life insurance. Isn’t it better to invest the money for the child and let them have access to it whenever you think the child is ready?
Has anyone ever made use of the plan?

Sarah Fields answers:

I signed up recently for my two children. My daughter is just under 2 years old and my son is 10 months old. I like it because it locks in a specific rate that should not change or go up ever. The earlier you sign up for it, the cheaper the plan is.

The difference between this life insurance plan and others is that you can borrow money towards it, should something happen and you need money for financial reasons. I am paying $7 per month and it’s really nothing when you think of the cost you are putting towards it. When the kids become of age, they will get $10 k at 21 and if they wait until 28, which I doubt it, they could get much more. I just took out the minimal plan so that someday they can use it to pay for their wedding or as a loan toward starting their future somehow. I think for the low rate it is worth the price.

However, every insurance has ‘clauses’ and small print. And if you sign up for it in the mail, they will then send you the starting packet which will explain the terms and conditions for the plan. At that point you can agree to do it or if you read over it and don’t like something, you just write cancel and don’t have to do anything.

A lot of people will try to dissuade you towards doing a savings plan or insurance plan for your children, but in my opinion $7 is really nothing per month and I just think of it as pocket change that I otherwise would have spent on something unimportant. This is made to last and is investing in the future. It is thinking ahead to the time when my son or daughter will be in need of a loan to put a down payment on their first house, vehicle, trip abroad, or whatever else. It also is an asset and security to them, should something happen to mom or dad and it would give them something if we don’t have much to leave behind.

I think this insurance is not for everybody but it is a great option for parents who can’t afford a lot or who are single incomes. It gives some kind of hope that your kids will have the things they need. Gerber is not a scam. It’s a highly respected company that has been around forever and as you know most of the baby products you buy are from Gerber. If it were any other insurance company, I wouldn’t have considered it but this is specifically designed for parents who think of their kids best interest and needs.

Lastly, I did the simple math. By the time my kids reach 21 I will have paid a total of $1,760 for the low monthly plan and for it to mature to a value of $10 k for each is really a lot more than I actually put into it! It’s just common sense. Savings and thrift plans as well as CDs and other type of investments are great but I don’t know many people who are able to affordably stick to those plans, though they would probably do just as well in other means. When it comes down to payday its always easy to use the money on something else instead. Thats why I chose this plan and I know that no matter what happens in the future, I can always come up with the change of $7 towards their future…

Linda asks…

How much does it cost to delivery a baby without any insurance?

Hi, I’m currently living in Miami, Florida. My girlfriend is pregnant. Can she still purchase parental insurance? Both of us are international students. Can she get any benefit from government or local healthy department? Also, I’d like to inquire the cost of delivering a baby without an insurance. I hope somebody who has experiences can help me out, thank you!!

Sarah Fields answers:

It is almost impossible to find an insurance company to cover you:

1. If you are pregnant when you get the policy, or
2. If you get pregnant within 2 YEARS of starting your policy.

I believe there IS an insurance company that is specifically for pregnant women. I’m sorry, I don’t know the name, but they advertised a lot on TV.
I can only imagine that the policy payments will be awfully high.

Now, if your girlfriend has no insurance….I can say that about 8 years ago, my friend had a baby at a non-profit hospital. The bills were $10,000. She gave the baby up for adoption, and the adoptive family paid her bills, but supposedly, if she didn’t have that help, she could have proven financial hardship, and the hospital would have reduced her bill to around $1000.

That was a long time ago, with a very low-risk pregnancy/regular vaginal birth.

I had a cesarean, and had LOTS of complications. My bill was $40,000, but I had fantastic insurance. I had to pay $1000 out of pocket for the hospital bills, but my insurance premiums (since I had been fired from my job) totaled $6000 for the year.

Whether you have insurance or not, you pay out the WAZOO for a birth. I am almost starting to believe that to NOT have insurance is cheaper, if you deal with a non-profit hospital, but that all depends on your financial status.

Congrats, and best of luck with your baby.

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