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Baby Insurance Question & Answers

2015 August 17
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

Is Gerber Life Insurance for a child a good thing?

What is the point in buying a baby life insurance. Isn’t it better to invest the money for the child and let them have access to it whenever you think the child is ready?

Sarah Fields answers:

Just get a rider on YOUR policy. You only need enough for burial costs. If you look at the amount the policy would be worth at age 21 versus how much you’ve paid in… definitely wouldn’t buy it. If you want to earn them some money, take $15 a month and put it into a mutul fund. You’ll have a lot more money than this Gerber policy will be worth.

Susan asks…

Can you get an umbilical hernia repaired during a tubal ligation?

I have 2 umbilical hernias, and pregnant with my 4th and last baby. My insurance won’t cover a hernia repair, but I am going to get my tubes tied after this baby is born. Is it possible to go in and repair the hernias during my tubal ligation?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, because a specialist has to do that and the doctor who delivers the baby is not a specialist in the hernia field, Have you researched what some women go through after a tubal ligation? I had a tubal ligation and two months later I suffered from severe menstrual cramps, I gained 50 pounds and I also had painful ovulation, I suffered for seven long years and found out that 45% of women will suffer from PTLS(Post tubal ligation syndrome) I paid 5,900 cash to a great doctor to have my tubes reversed, I got my life back, I have swore that I would educate women who are thinking about a tubal ligation information about side effects of a tubal ligation, Please Please read these links,

The girls on face book have gotten their tubes reversed and some have not, some women had their tubes reversed to have babies because they went through a divorced and met a man without children and some women done the tubal reversal because of the side effects, I know I suffered so much. When I got my tubes reversed I lost 70 pounds and the pain that use to have me walking the floors at night from my period was GONE! I felt whole again. I hope you read what I and other women went through after the tubal ligation, I can’t believe my very own doctor would not believe me when I told him of the pain, he just said Have a hysterectomy, you can’t have babies any more so why keep your female organs, I was very upset with him for that. Thank god for Dr.Berger, he gave me my life back.


Lisa asks…

Is it really that expensive to have a baby?

Me and my fiancé really want to have a baby we are going to use a donor and it will be one of our friends that we know very well. How expensive is a baby with insurance and I know it is different with different insurance companies. But what is the range about, How much should you have saved up?

Sarah Fields answers:

I had a baby 3 months ago and the hospital bill was $12,000 (c-section). My OB doctor charged $3000 on top of that.

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