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Baby Insurance Question & Answers

2014 February 18
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

How much does it cost to give birth with insurance?

Can you please tell me how much it cost to have a baby with insurance?? school project!

Sarah Fields answers:

Depends on your plan! I’ve had births 100% covered, and births with $100 copay, that’s it. Some people have to pay 20%, which can be $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the type of birth.

Maria asks…

How could a mother think of ending her life?

My husband put this big hook in the ceiling to hang my 10 month old son’s jolly jumper. I have become obsessed with thoughts of hanging myself from this hook. It is the perfect height and would hold me. This should be the happiest time of my life, so everyone says. I have a beautiful baby boy. I am sad always. My anorexia/bulimia have returned and I can’t stop. Husband is out of work from union job and we lost health benefits. I am trying for 3 months to get my baby insurance from State of New Jersey. Older son is drinking and fresh with me. My mom had stroke and my dad has altzheimers and I am left to go there and do everything. My brothers say they will help but don’t. Rent is behind and I think phone is being shut off soon so no more internet. Husband is not happy with me cause he says not enough sex. I can’t work now because I’m trying to keep my parents in their home so they don’t go to nursing home. I’m very tired. I feel very alone and very depressed.

Sarah Fields answers:

There is always hope. You need to turn to the Lord for help.

Sometimes He brings us down to the very bottom so the only way we can look is up.

Sometimes He has to bring some of us to the end of our rope before we give it all (our lives) to Him, and, technically, when you give your life to Him, you are giving up all rights to it anyway, because He commands us to die daily. . “if any man will not pick up his cross daily and follow me, then He cannot be my disciple”. .

Those disciples knew what the cross meant, it meant dying to their own selves and desires and becomming alive to God’s desires for them (God’s work)>

I suggest you look around and ask a good local church for help.

George asks…

How do i go about medicaid when i give birth?

I just got accepted for Medicaid (healthy connections). This is my secondary insurance for myself and will be my baby boys insurance when he arrives. I was told he would be covered for a little while, but in order to recieve his card and him to still be on Medicaid … What do i need to do? Have the hospital fax papers, proof of birth? Or wait until he gets his social security card/birth certificate? I’ve never revieved public health assistance until now and need some help on how to go about medicaid when the baby boy arrives! Thankyou.

Sarah Fields answers:

Your baby will be covered for the month he is born(if born on the 26th only will have coverage for 4 days) bt yes you will need all the info you just said and need to call medicaid and have them sign him up over the phone, by mail, or fax.

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