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Do Health Savings Account Plans Work Question & Answers

2015 June 11
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

Continue to work or quit and go to college for an Associate’s in nursing?

I’m a level 2 water plant operator. I make 47 grand a year. I think I make more money than I need so I actually put away 12 grand a year to my investment funds. In 4 more years and if nothing goes wrong, I’ll have 100 grand in stocks, which will boost my annual income.

One day, my grandma offers me to go to college for free, but shes only paying up to an Associates and I can live in one of her apartment rooms for free. I just need to pay for food, gas, and other stuff. This is going to be in California so it might get pretty expensive. I have barely any money in my savings account, but I have 50 grand in my mutual fund. If I go with the plan, I’ll pull out some money from my investment money and live off of it. What should I do?
Money is happiness.

Sarah Fields answers:

You didn’t mention if you have a passion for health care. Why would you leave a good paying job to stress yourself out in college and then risk finding it hard to find work as a new RN graduate? The job market is bad right now for all industries. I say keep the job you have now if you like it and are making good money! Don’t bother going back to college unless you decide to go back for something you have a deep passion or desire to become.

Michael asks…

Where can I go to find out where congressmen are getting campaign contributions?

I am upset and quite frankly irate with the way our media covers politics (or anything for that matter). So I am planning on starting my own newspaper with a few friends from high school soon. My question is this, my first article will deal with congressmen receiving donations and contributions from big Health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, conglomerates, etc. Where can I find how much money was donated, to who, and when? They have to keep records of that stuff, right?

Sarah Fields answers: or .com I forget which.

This is on point as well:

The health industry was giving at a rate of 1.4 MILLION PER DAY and Obama isn’t letting people see white house visitor logs. People speculate this is so the public can’t track how much time he is spending with insurance companies and big pharma companies.

Why don’t you also look at Ron Paul’s private health savings accounts and tax credits, HR 1495 the `Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act of 2009′ ? If govt wanted to drive down costs that would be the way to go because it removes a big part if ins and govt from the picture letting individuals manage their own accounts.

Even if govt added a subsidy element by making the tax credits like the earned income credit (a subsidy if you make below a certain level) or adds a true catestrophic care/preexisting care coverage, these plans would be for the people, not for special interests.

Take care.

Joseph asks…

Why does President Obama lie to us?

He said that Republicans have no plan, but they have proposed that people be allowed to establish Health Savings Accounts, buy insurance from other states like with car insurance, and get tort reform to limit excessive judgments.
Grumpy: Yes, I listen to Rush. I also watch Keith Olbermann.

Sarah Fields answers:

To borrow from Bill Clinton, “it all depends on your definition of “LIE”.” Democrats don’t EVER lie. They just ignore facts and details until after something fails, then blame others. Like the 1977 Fair Housing Act.

(Oh, and ‘gotta love the lefties that never answer a question like this…. It should be a drinking game. When you ask why President B.O. Is wrong about ____________ (fill in the blank), drink every time a lefty mentions “Limbaugh” “Beck” “O’Reilly” or “Hannity” in his/her answer). Again, if you’re a lefty, it’s always the fault of someone on the right.

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