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Do You Know You Can Negotiate Medical Bills?

2011 November 16

Most people do not know how to negotiate medical bills. Actually the majority don’t even know that they can negotiate medical bills. Hospitals and doctors regularly send you bills that contain errors. Recent reports have discovered that as many as 90% of hospital bills contain some kind of mistake.

If you have a hospital bill that’s not covered by your health insurance, then you will need to be told how to negotiate medical bills. Here are some steps.

1. Get an itemized bill from the doctor or hospital. Don’t accept a summary bill. The bill must be itemized if you are going to try and negotiate.

2. If you are going to be told how to negotiate medical bills, you will need to get all of your medical records. Remember that there is a little copying charge for you to get your records.

3. You’ll need to learn about billing codes if you want to understand how to negotiate medical bills. Billing codes provide insurance companies and you, with what sort of illness and how it was handled.

4. Learn the medical codes. This is going to help you notice the errors and help you to negotiate medical bills

5. Now that you have all of the information, begin to inspect your medical records. Make notes of how frequently the doctor ordered medication for you. Then compare that to the itemized bill. You may find that the charged you for 6 doses of medicine, but the Doctor only ordered 4. Or maybe they billed you for something that you didn't get or authorize. Look through the records carefully and you will start to learn the steps concerning how to negotiate medical bills.

The Doctors and hospitals certainly do not want you to find out how to negotiate medical bills. They count on people being to sick query a bill or to afraid to question a bill.

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