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Health Care Reform 2014 Question & Answers

2014 September 26
by Sarah Fields

Lizzie asks…

When is the health care reform going to offer insurance to all people.?

I want to get health insurance, but I dont know how to get it outside an employer. Does anyone knows
when is the health care reform will offer us insurance through the private companies?
Can we start receiving the benefits now? or we have to wait?

Sarah Fields answers:

You can currently apply for coverage through private companies; you do not have to go through an employer. Contact a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can work with you to find the best policy for your situation and budget. There is no extra charge using an agent.

The requirement in the healthcare bill for everyone to have insurance does not go into effect until 2014.

Donald asks…

What do you predict will happen to the demand of Nurses and Doctors after/during 2014?

With the Health Care reform and all.

Sarah Fields answers:

The quality of the American health care will decrease!.

The government will lower the standards and education requirements, so, they won’t look bad and filled those vacancies faster, before the rest of the american people realised it.

WHO GETS GOVERNMENT JOBS?…that’s right! 95% are minorities!!!, so get ready to get rude service and yes, learn Spanish too…

As a consequence, we will have people “guessing” our medical problems, “guessing” our treatments, the quality of life of seniors will be “ZERO”, because some bureaucrats, in another office or another state will be making the decision, about if it is cost effective or not, authorised a hip replacement for example, for an older person that it’s not going to be paying taxes for a longer period of time.

These government bureaucrats will have a chart, to “help them” make a decision, with:

Look, I’m from Costa Rica, we have down there “Universal Health Care”, and FIRST, is not free, the government deduct from your gross income 9%, SECOND, all the ILLEGALS Nicaraguans in my country don’t pay anything, so our health system is broke!!!.
As a mayor consequence, my parents were the last generation to get retired and receive the payments from our social security, they worked 30 years of their life, now that they are old, they get to enjoy the money they save.

BUT ME!!!, MY GENERATION OR FUTURE GENERATIONS, better be creative because the money that the government already took or is taking from our grosses income, is basically gone before they get it, because the illegals Nicaraguans are having a lot of babies in our country in order to get the costarican residence through their anchor babies, They use our ER as their regular doctors, and get everything for free.

THIRD: We have to wait up to 3 years for an appointment, a lot of times, when the time comes is already too late…. A lot of times the surgeries get done by medical students because there is too many people, and not enough doctors. So as a result you get more troubles after your treatment.

That’s why I took the difficult decision to leave my family, friends, culture, country and come here “LEGALLY”, to work hard, because everything I worked for, back in my country is lost.

I will never imagine, not even in a million years, than that americans will want “SOCIALISM” .

Susan asks…

Does 0bama believe that defying the will of the people won’t hurt the Democrats in November?

Obama has consistently defied the will of the majority of the people on every issue, even though he has not delivered on any of his major promises. Even health care reform is not fully delivered, because it will not take effect for most people until 2014.

Does he really believe this will not hurt the Democrats on Election Day? Or is he intentionally destroying the Democratic Party just like he has been destroying the USA?

Sarah Fields answers:

Owe bama does not care…his deal is one term pres. With lots of $$$$ and prestige positions in the new world order should the transformation/destruction of the USA succeed.

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