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Health Care Reform 2014 Question & Answers

2014 January 8
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

What are GOP candidates saying when they promise to repeal health care reform but are silent on health care an?

What are GOP candidates saying when they promise to repeal health care reform but are silent on health care and poverty?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is only one year into the health insurance reform and the provisions have worked wonders. In 2014 everyone who is not insured can buy reasonable priced insurance with a tax credit subsidy. Until then I am afraid insurance companies will use these reforms to jack up their rates. Your only recourse is to file complaints with state insurance commissions. You probably wont get far since health insurers are exempt from anti-monopoly laws and can do whatever they want.

The candidates for President cannot repeal any legislation. Congress has to do that and they cannot deliver unless they get a Republican majority in both houses.

William asks…

Why are people so angry about the Health Care Reform Bill?

Lately there has been a lot of violence occurring surrounding the new Health Care Law that has been passed. I was shocked and confused about the way people were reacting. Being angry about something is one thing, but being violent is a completely different story. We actually researched the bill in my political class, and this is what’s in it:

-People can not be dropped from their health care insurance if they get sick.
-CHILDREN can not be dropped form their health care insurance if they be come sick.
-NO one can be dropped from their health insurance if they have pre-existing conditions nor can they be denied coverage.
-Children can be on their parents health insurance until the age of 26 even if they are not a full time student.
-This bill will lower the cost that senior citizens will pay out of pocket on Medicare.
-By 2014 Everyone will have to have health insurance.
-There will be different subsidies to help those that cannot afford health care insurance on their own.
-This health care reform DOES NOT COVER ABORTIONS!!!
-If you already have healthcare insurance through your job, you’re all set for 2014.
-This bll will not do away with Private insurance, if anything, it will create more competition for private insurers therefore reducing the prices for us, the consumers.

Now a lot of people are wondering how will we pay for this?? Well anyone making over $200,000 a year or families making over $250,000 dollars a year will get a 3 percent increase in their taxes. Also they will cut down money spent on researching Medicare fraud. This also reduces the country’s defecit.

I was talking to my grandmother yesterday, and she began crying. She said all his violence against the Democrats and all of these violent threats reminded her of the sixties when the civil rights movement was going on and it mad me rather sad. Their is absolutely no reason to threaten anyone or their families.

I guess my question is what is wrong with the health care bill? I respect other people’s opinions, but please do not leave any rude remarks about the President or about the Democrats. Please educate me, I just want a nice intelligent answer from a nice intelligent Republican or Democrat. I really appreciate you reading my question.

Sarah Fields answers:

They didn’t just cover those who didn’t have it and wanted it they imposed THEIR VISION and THEIR insurance requirements REGARDLESS OF COST on ALL of us. And this will cause costs to go UP not down, because more will be less cost sensitive, which will lead to healthcare rationing for all. And that is entirely apart from stealing $500 billion from medicare which is already bankrupt from government mismanagement.

AND it is unconstitutional, and every member of congress and the president took an oath not only to ‘follow’ the constitution, but to DEFEND it.

Joseph asks…

Will government run health care in Vermont cause a refugee crisis?

After two full days of debate, the Vermont House has given its final approval to a health care reform bill that puts the state on the path of having a single-payer system as early as 2014. The bill is expected to pass the Senate and be Signed by the (socialist) lib Governor.

So, can we expect a huge refugee crisis from the Vermont residents who flee to other states to escape government doctors and rationing? I cant imagine the humanitarian crisis that will ensue, do you think libs will hold candlelight vigils for the refugees?

Sarah Fields answers:

Vermont has always been a little strange.

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