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Health Care Reform Act Question & Answers

2015 August 1
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How big is the hospital bill for Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords? Who pays for it?

Federal officials get special health care service. Does she get it? Does the health care reform act have anything to do in settling with her medical expenses?

Sarah Fields answers:

It currently is into the mid 6 figures now and will get higher. How much higher? Depends upon exactly how devastating the injuries prove to be and the required rehabilitation time. Of course Americans are very generous in their care of our elected officials, so if we get off the hook for less than a couple million we will consider ourselves lucky. As you know (or should know) we have the best officials money can buy. Not necessarily OUR money, or for our best interests, that is. If it is proven that she was in some capacity “on the job”, then we will see to it that she will want for nothing for the rest of her life. I hope and pray for a complete and speedy recovery. Although the complete part most likely remains to be seen.

Thomas asks…

Are conservatives going to come out against off shore drilling now that Obama is allowing it?

Seems to be the pattern, like with most of the Health Care Reform Act.

Sarah Fields answers:

You have them pinned my friend! Just wait for it, I give it a week before it’s the new “mass rant” here on YA.

Steven asks…

Is calling voters racists a new tactic to get people to vote for you?

Not everyone who disagrees with Obama or Democrats on some issues is a racist, yet that seems to be one of the standard charges made by Democrats.

Don’t agree with the Health Care Reform Act? Must be a racist.

Maybe you think spending is too high? Racist.

Shouldn’t Congress approve military action in Libya? Racist.

Tell me Dems, are calling independent voters “racists” your strategy to win their votes? Did it work for you last time?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is very childish, but outside of Y/A, I have not heard anyone call people a racist just for not liking Obama or Democrats or Liberals. Partisan maybe, but not racist. Not liking Obama just because he is non 100% white is racist.

Moderate Independent Texan.

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