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Health Care Reform Act Question & Answers

2013 November 15
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

what kind of coverage included in the health care reform act?

im writing a paper about the health care reform act, but so far i have come across to reliable, unbiased websites concerning the bill that was passed in march.
i have one specific question: what kind of coverage will people get under the act? i know this is a general question, but maybe one of you will have the answer :) thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

Unfortunately, pressure from the Conservatives forces President Obama to give up on a “government option” for healthcare, so the government won’t actually be providing any of the coverage. What the healthcare reform legislation does say is that all people must be covered by healthcare, and that people can be penalized if they do not seek out a coverage option that is affordable for them.

Furthermore, people who have health coverage now who are happy with it don’t have to change anything.

Jenny asks…

Which companies are most likely to benefit from the Health Care Reform Act?

Which companies are likely to benefit most from the Health care Reform Act?

Sarah Fields answers:

Insurance and Pharmaceutical… Oh and lets not forget the Largest Business in the world.. “The US Government”

Paul asks…

Can we charge the government for the right to tax us (kind of similar to the health care reform annual fee)?

In the health care reform act, the gov’t imposed an annual fee to the pharm/biotech companies for the right to sell products to the government. It seems strange to be allowed to do that. Can we the people impose a similar charge on the gov’t for the right to tax us?

Sarah Fields answers:

No. See in theory the government is us and we are the ones who charged the fee to the biotech companies. So it would not make sense to charge ourselves a fee. Perhaps you’d like a rebate or refund of some fee or tax? That could probably happen if you could get it passed.

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