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Health Care Reform Act Question & Answers

2013 August 2
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

Where do I go to actually read the proposed legislation for the health care reform act?

I would like to read the actual legislation that is being proposed for the health care reform act, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where?

Sarah Fields answers:

What??? How dare you ask stupid questions about actually READING this legislation??? Didn’t you hear Obama he is urging us TO ACT QUICKLY WITHOUT THINKING!!!! You know…like that economic “stimulus” thing. Or taking over banks and stuff. Or becoming communists. Yeah…

Sandy asks…

What is the bill number of the Health Care Reform Act?

I am trying to write an article and can’t find the bill number of the Health Care Reform Act so that I can read the bill….
Does anyone know what bill number it is?

Sarah Fields answers:

HR 3200

Furthermore, if you’re doing a report I thought I’d find the opencongress entry on it. I hope this helps with your research:

UGH, this is why I hate sifting through all these bills. I was right the first time. Removed second one, it was an Act from 2007.

Nancy asks…

What are ramifications of our health care system now and after the reform act is fully implemented in 2014?

This is the full question: What are/were the social or financial ramifications of the health care system on society prior to full implementation of the Health Care Reform Act and after full implementation of the Health Care Reform Act (2014)?

I need 6 total answers – 3 prior to full implementation and 3 after full implementation?

I had a similar question previously and cannot use the same answers. I’m stumped!

Sarah Fields answers:

The ramifications of the Health Care system is irrelevant.
Most of the arguments used to sell it were false, but you knew that.

The big issue is what will the Government do next now that they can FORCE you to buy anything they want for any reason they want simply by calling it a tax?

Will you have to buy a GM car, now that the U.S. Government owns more of the GM paper?
The Supreme Court has just said that they are free to do that. The Obama (and future administrations) can legally say that you must buy a GM car or pay a penalty tax.

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