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Health Care Reform Arizona Question & Answers

2014 November 19
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

Do Beck and others have the right to be offended?

I don’t think conservatives like Limbaugh and Beck has a right to be offended at all.

They themselves are an offense to good, decent Americans struggling to find a way to get along with one another, while these Men constantly appeal to our base nature to keep us divided and get rich off of it.

They just don’t seem to care and the assumption that right wing hate caused this was not only on the mind of liberals, but the first thought of all Americans and well deserved.

Sarah Fields answers:

No. When you tell your followers that their entire way of life is under threat from liberals, that the country is being destroyed, that the president is a terrorist, and that we’re on the path to Socialism, and then you tell them that you hope they are “armed and dangerous” and if this continues there may have to be “Second Amendment remedies,” and then you hand them a map with a list of ten names and rifle crosshairs over the places those ten people reside, and then you say “don’t retreat – RELOAD!”? When you do all of those things, you don’t get to pull out the smelling salts and act so I-have-never-been-so-insulted when someone gets a gun and follows through. Come on. Your followers were bringing guns to rallies and threatening violence and hanging effigies and busting windows of campaign offices six months ago. Threats against members of Congress tripled over the past year, and those threats came mostly from people opposed to health care reform. Judge Roll, who was killed in the Arizona shooting, had to have 24-hour protection for himself and his family because of all the threats he received from xenophobic anti-immigrant zealots, after right-wing radio jocks publicized an immigration-related decision he handed down. Put your big-kid pants on and realize that even if you didn’t mean to encourage violence, you have, in fact, been encouraging violence, and you should have known that you were encouraging violence. Because let’s be real, a whole lot of people were telling you that. You had to have seen it. The evidence was right there.

Sharon asks…

Why would someone be ignorant enough to believe that one SC Justice could overturn the Arizona legislation?

Especially considering said Justice is a member of the liberal block, which is the minority on the court.

Sarah Fields answers:

It takes a majority of at least 5-4 so they will need 5 justices to overturn the law. With that being said, if they should overturn it, then they also have a problem with the Federal Law which is the same. They had many constitutional lawyers work on crafting the bill, so that it would be constitutional and it will pass the test. The left, makes out like it will be overturned but that takes a lot of time as we will learn with the States filing suit against Health Care Reform Bill, and by that time all of this will be forgotten, even if Obama does involve the Justice Department.

Nancy asks…

Why has Obama done nothing about the illegal alien invasion?

With rape, robbery and brutal murders committed every day, why has our President decided to do nothing about this national crisis? Is he just stupid or does he not care about the American people he is supposed to be protecting?
Rape, robbery and brutal murders are not a problem? Oh I get it, a cultural thing- we must respect other cultures if we are to remain stupid.

Sarah Fields answers:

Obama lied to Jan Brewer when he said he was sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border. They never showed. Obama’s proven he’s comfortable being such an egregious liar! He has since decided that it’s better to sue Arizona even though we STILL don’t know if he’s even read the law he’s so against. He has proven that he will side WITH a foreign leader like Calderon and AGAINST the American people!

Now, today it’s been revealed that in a one on one meeting with AZ Senator John Kyl, Obama said that if he secures the borders the Republicans won’t have a reason to approve ‘immigration reform’. Remember, REFORM MEANS AMNESTY!


Translation of Obamaspeak: It is more important to me to obtain amnesty for the illegals and thereby creating a huge voting block for progressive Democrats than it is to secure our nation’s borders and enforce our nation’s laws – even though that is the executive branch’s constitutional duty that I swore to uphold.

Simpler translation: Screw you.

Here’s a little of what Napolitano said at a meeting on 5/4/2010:

“And they (Americans) understand that we are not going to deport those who are already here illegally…what I just outlined is basically the framework for immigration reform…You have the President of the United States saying, I agree with that framework. What’s missing in that recipe is basically bipartisan support to move immigration because, as the President recognizes, such a bill will not pass without bipartisan support, and that doesn’t exist right now.”
“I do not know whether there will be an attempt to go ahead and move it before the midterm or shortly thereafter. What I do know is that the President intends to keep working this issue and what I do know is that the President doesn’t give up easily. I think we saw that with health care, which took a lot longer than anyone predicted at the outset, but nonetheless, got done. So, the President’s behind it. I think ultimately we will get there…That’s part of the reason why, with a wink and a nod, pretending like we’re somehow going to export 12 — or deport 12 million people from a security perspective doesn’t make any sense.”

Bottom of pg. 20, top of pg. 21, QUOTE: “I think, for example, of the Mariposa Gate. “Gate” doesn’t really describe it. It’s a huge port of entry at Nogales (just south of Tucson), Arizona, which under the Recovery Act funds is being greatly expanded as are other land ports along the Southwest borders…..It’s a whole toolbox of things that we’re really focused on for this 21st century border concept.”

Trust me, while this document is long, you WILL find it an interesting read and I pray that you read with discerning eyes. Obama told us MANY things he intended to do in the transformation of America. People just didn’t really believe that he meant what he was saying. Well, now you know better. WAKE UP!, or do you still not believe the ‘wink and nod’? The Illegal Invaders sure believe it!!


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