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Health Care Reform Arizona Question & Answers

2015 December 20
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

Why is Sarah Palin being thrown under the bus for the Arizona shooting?

I don’t see the connection. Was it offensive for her to express her ‘sincere condolences’?

Sarah Fields answers:

Sarah Palin had a pre election list of targeted elections where she wanted people to donate and vote for candidates who were against the Health Care Reform bill which is of great interest to many people who want to use their vote to be rid of this bill. This list had nothing to do with wanting these candidates to be shot.

MSNBC is presenting this in such a way that people are equating it to inciting violence against her list of individuals who were in favor of an issue that many people want to see repealed. I believe this is part of a continuing effort by the media to persuade people that the Tea Party is a radical revolutionary group who wants to overthrow the government by violent means which is completely ridiculous.

The terms cross hairs, target, etc, have been used in election cycles for many years. Young people don’t realize this and see it as inciting violence because of all the concern to protect the 2nd amendment rights. I find the current media bias and reporting to be totally off the wall. The person who shot those people yesterday was mentally disturbed. Do we all have to walk on egg shells for the rest of our lives in case someone might be blamed for their unpredictable behavior. I really hope not. That will lead to even less honest debate and energy in our political system.

Lizzie asks…

When should the people have a right to alter or abolish a government? How should this change occur?

Can a person be justified in using violence to achieve a change in government? Do the words “alter or abolish a government” mean that a person or state can leave that government?

Sarah Fields answers:

Governments existed long ago ruled by kings and supported by religion as the kings supposedly got their right to rule from GOD. That was the old view of things. Then came a notion called democracy…which first really came about in a serious and large way with the american revolution…it was the notion that human beings had certain inalienable was the notion that the country belonged to the people….that while a government ruled, it was only with the permission of the people as the govt itself existed to serve the people. The USA is a Republic which is a representative democracy, which means that the people have elected representatives that serve them and are supposed to run govt in a way that represents the will of the people. With democracy, govt exists only by permission of the people and that govt can be removed by the people when the people feel that it no longer represents them. In a small way, this is theoretically why we have elections, in a large way, it could mean revolution.

The problem is that elections may be insignificant because the playing field and rules allow the minority to control who gets elected or influence the people’s choices as to who to choose. So for example, if two candidates are running for President and each of them had to raise $100 million dollars to be able to run, you can see how money and those with money to donate to those campaigns influence the process. When elected offficials have to run for office again in 4 years or some years down the line, they use a good deal of their time in office and policy making opportunities to make sure they please those who will give them money to run for office again. This becomes at best a weakened version of democracy, and weakened version where even though the people vote, their choices are limited to people with lots of money to run for office..people who for obvious reasons have been given lots of money by people or corporations who want certain policies and are willing to pay heavily to get them. This is not democracy. This is not government serving or representing the people. This is what we have going on now in the USA. Using current events as an example, you will notice that the great majority of americans oppose illegal immigration and support the Arizona law, but yet our president opposes the great majority, that the great majority of americans were dissatisfied with health care reform and despise the mandate that everyone has to buy expensive health care insurance at extortion like prices from insurance companies, yet our President opposes the great majority, that the great majority of americans think outsourcing of jobs to China and other countries is a bad thing for citizens and the country, most americans oppose the building of the mosque near ground zero, yet our president gladly stands up and says that the mosque must be built….etc. You can see many examples where our leaders when making policy actually quite often make policy that the people had then voted on that policy would actually have voted overwhelmingly the opposite way.

In theory the govt of the USA is supposed to serve the people…which means the will of the majority while respecting and preserving the rights of the minority against tyranny. But in fact, in reality, we see that this is not the case. So the question becomes, if we have elections and change does not occur and we keep getting more and more unrepresentative govt, do the people have a right to remove the governmental system in a big way and make a big revolution like change? Yes they do, because the country belongs to the people.

Sadly though, the likelihood of pro the people change happening from within the system is very small as the very people who have the power to pass the laws and make the pro the people policies are the very corrupt politicians who are bought off by big money. Its even less likely that revolution can occur for the people to take back their country since the govt has so many advantages such as a vast modern military with all sorts of weapons that the people do not have….all sorts of money that the people do not have and all sorts of ability to spy on the people and monitor their activities.
This is what we have come to in the USA…we no longer are that shining beacon of democracy, but rather are the shining example of plutocratic corporacracy…which is a form of tyranny, and the bad news is that the trend is that its getting worse with each year that goes by as the plutocrats gather more and more riches and get stronger and stronger while the vast majority of citizens are falling further and further behind and getting poorer and poorer.

Susan asks…

Why is Obama so enthusiastic about immigration reform when the majority of Americans want them out of here?

And we want the current laws enforced.

Why does he pretend its such a big issue with average Americans and that we want them legalized?

Why is he TELLING us what WE want?

Sarah Fields answers:

The federal government has been implored for many, many years to do something about the border between Mexico and the United States – but the powers that be – have done nothing about it – all because of selfish, political reasons – while illegal immigrants pour into this great country with seemingly little impunity. The federal government is NOT protecting the tax payers from illegal immigration.

The Democrats want them to be cozy, fed and warm – all at your (and my) expense! The federal government and Obama want to make all of these “wonderful” people and their families LEGAL citizens – just with the wave of a magic wand – rather than booting the illegal citizens and cleaning out this country of this drain on our economy – Obama wants to make them all legal citizens! Insanity. Progressive insanity!

Arizona has proudly stood up to Obama and the big government machine that he is trying to create. This move by Arizona hurt Obama to the core because one of his pet projects is to give all illegal immigrants – AMNESTY. He wants to make them all legal citizens – then he can give them all health care for FREE – then they’ll all love him and then he can ….. Get their votes! That’s Obama’s plan – however it is NOT the plan of the American tax payer.

Why should we tax payers have to pay for the lives of these undocumented, illegal immigrants? The answer is – we shouldn’t. America has no money, she is broke, our governments are broke – yet because of our leader’s stupidity and greed for power, they want to add on more and more entitlement programs – all of which we cannot afford. This will soon become a very big problem.

Obama will afford his programs by taxing the upper class and the middle class more, so he can pay out the goodies to all of his supporters. Yet there will come a day when the government just can’t tax the people anymore and the people just won’t allow it. Then the government will print and print and print money to pay their debts – THIS is where Obama is heading and THIS is where we want to avoid going – we as a country DO NOT want to go down this road – and the way to get us back on the right path is for “We the People” to rise up together and vote these bums OUT OF OFFICE! O_O

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