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Health Care Reform Arizona Question & Answers

2013 September 16
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

Why didn’t Arizona Politicians put the new immigration bill on a ballot instead of shoving it through?

Aren’t Republicans the same people saying that Obama so-called shoved health care reform down our throats? Hypocrisy?

Do you think it would have passed if they put it on a ballot?

Let’s not go to polls, because we know that nobody knows who is actually participating in the polls.

Sarah Fields answers:

Great Great point you got there! What a bunch of F-in hypocrites!
They are also using stimulus money to fund border security.

Stimulus funds go to variety of Department of Homeland Security programs

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today released some details of the projects being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, recently passed in both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

The total amount going to DHS and to the General Services Administration (GSA) in support of DHS programs is $3.5 billion. Funded projects include a combined $650 million to begin construction of a consolidated headquarters for the department at the former site of St. Elizabeths Hospital in southeast Washington, D.C.; a combined $720 million for renovation and construction at land ports of entry and $1 billion for explosive detection systems and enhanced checkpoint screening equipment at airports.

“The primary responsibility of this department is as clear as it is sobering: protect our people from attacks,” said Secretary Janet Napolitano. “The funds in the President’s recovery package for Department of Homeland Security projects will not only make the country safer and more secure, but will create new jobs and in some cases save the jobs of men and women who do the hard and often unglamorous and thankless work of staying ahead of those who would seek to do us harm.”

The Department of Homeland Security has also launched a website that will monitor and track the stimulus money coming in to the department and going out to DHS-related projects. The website can be found at

Chris asks…

What does it say about conservatives when they support the Arizona immigration law?

After myriad dubious claims about the unconstitutionality of the Health Care reform, many now have thrown in their support to the Arizona immigration law.

But law professors are saying this immigration law is unconstitutional. Why aren’t conservatives outraged? I’m sure on Glenn Beck’s show, he’ll say “First they came for the Hispanics…” right?

Sarah Fields answers:

I believe the AZ senate is nearly evenly divided and they passed the legislation with a good margin. This is a bipartisan effort.

Don’t generalize – it’s not becoming.

Laura asks…

Is Oklahoma, Florida, and Arizona on the right track in offering the voters?

constitutional amendments to opt out of Obamacare this November ?

Addendum: do you support this action and if not then please explain:
Twenty states are already suing the federal government for constitutional overreach in enacting President Obama’s health care reform.

I really think that Obamacare will lead to cuts in overall healthcare. In other words, rationing.

Sarah Fields answers:

You bet they are.. And what is even better, they are literally thumbing their noses at Washington and this stupid illogical health care bill that Obama shoved thro’

We can only hope that we, the American public are finally coming to our senses and saying.. ” Lets take back our country from all these crooked self serving politicians”

Yaaa America!

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