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Health Care Reform Facts Question & Answers

2013 December 12
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

What is the republican plan for health care reform?

I don’t necessarily agree with the bill in its current form, but I don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that we need health care reform. The republicans have squandered numerous opportunities to voice a serious plan of their own and unstead have cockblocked the process.

Sarah Fields answers:

McCain had his proposal during the Presidential debates… Were you paying attention, or were you adoring Obama’s composure instead?

. Allow insurance purchases across state lines
. Abolish tax-credits for EMPLOYERS, and
. Give tax-credits to individuals instead
. Allow insurance companies to exclude certain procedures (such as gender changes) upfront

Whatever problems there may be now, letting the government run it will only make things worse.

James asks…

What is in the current version of health care reform for the unions?

I was just wondering if anyone knew, and could show proof of what is in the new health care reform bill for unions? They all seem to be gung ho to get it, however most unions already have very good insurance…I know for a fact that the UAW does.

I heard something about their insurance programs getting assistance from the government and wondered if that was true, since honestly there has to be something in it for them.
Typo- Actually for the UAW, the big 3 automakers pay into a pool for health care for retired workers…but i get your drift.

Sarah Fields answers:

The unions pass out bullet-proof vests to their thugs….

William asks…

What is so bad about the new Health Care Reform?

People are really making a big stink about the health care reform, can anybody fill me in? I see it on the news, but I only hear about controversy and not facts or information on who benefits, does not benefit?

Sarah Fields answers:

No one actually benefits, if HR3200 were to pass as an example, it would be one of the biggest problems we ever had, for one thing it is so complex and so full of ambiguity that no one will be able to understand it. The Congressman who when asked” “if he had read it” , when he responded: “no it would take several days and 2 lawyers” was not wrong, so how could some bureaucrat in :”Podunk USA” understand it? Not only that but your taxes will go up by 11%, and I am not talking about the rich either.

Now they’re talking about co-ops.

Quite frankly nothing has been resolved as of yet, the town hall meetings have shown Congress, the people do not want the health care that is being proposed so far. During the election campaigns, when Obama was advocating health care reform, never in their wildest dreams did people ever believe it would be what the Democrats are offering.

Before they start adding new problems to the mix, why not fix what we already have eg Medicare. Medicare and Medicare Advantage are both programs run by the government, MA is implemented by (the awful insurance programs) that the government is in bed with, and they pay doctors more money. The bad thing is that M.A. Will not accept people with preexisting conditions, so basically what they do is pick the cream of the crop. We also need torte’ reform.

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