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Health Care Reform Facts Question & Answers

2014 March 12
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

Can someone explain what the health care reform would do if it is passed tomorrow?

No biased answers or opinions please. I just want to know the facts. I’m 18 years old and I hear everyone talking about the health care reform but I don’t understand what it will do and why some people are against it. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

It will start costing an average of 100 more a month and no effects of reform will take place for years to come

Daniel asks…

Is all this anger from the right just about opposition to health care reform or is it about something uglier?

Is it about health care reform? Is it about Communism? Or is it about the fact that a half breed is our President? Come on all you Joe Wilson’s out there, what is this all this really about?

Sarah Fields answers:

Joe Wilson was out of line. There is a way to disagree, and his outburst wasn’t it.
There are legitimate reasons to oppose a trillion dollar project during the middle of a deep recession. You’d think it could at least wait until the “stimulus” creates the promised jobs to replace the millions that were lost. Of course if the “stimulus” doesn’t perform as advertised there is little reason to believe that the “health care reform” will either.

Charles asks…

How do you feel about the fact that the health care reform meeting is an effort by President Obama?

to continue an open bipartisan dialogue in order to get the ball rolling on passing a viable, comprehensive health care reform bill that satisfies the needs of Americans while addressing the major concerns of both parties?

It is planned to be a half-day meeting televised live on February 25.

Sarah Fields answers:

I think the republicans won’t want to go, they don’t want to be shown as fools again.

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