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Health Care Reform Facts Question & Answers

2015 September 13
by Sarah Fields

Donald asks…

Why is the size of the Health Care Reform Bill an issue?

I noticed in the Health Care Reform Summit yesterday that the Republicans tended to keep protesting about the size of the reform bill. Why is the size such an issue, though? Surely there have been larger bills in the past. I mean, this is supposed to be a deeply complex piece of legislation. Eric Cantor even had the bill on his desk. What point was he trying to make, other than the fact that it’s a large bill?

Sarah Fields answers:

They are grasping at straws, no real reason to be complaining

Sharon asks…

When will the Tea Party realize that they’ve been fighting for health insurance companies all along?

When will all Republicans realize they are just the voice of corporate America? Fighting against financial regulation (when in fact, lack of regulation in the derivatives market caused the recession), fighting against health care reform (when in fact, no one suffers from a Public Option except insurance companies). Democrats aren’t an exception to this by any means, but they’re much less extreme about it.

Sarah Fields answers:

Not only health insurance they will want to privatize everything. And Obama of course will veto. And nothing will get done. They are just idiots. It is like watching a leggo building fall down the stairs. America is just destroying itself because of their fear to have a black president be successful. I can’t way till they fall.

Ken asks…

What are some pros about health care reform?

I am going to debate someone and I need to also know what kind of points they will come up with to counter health care reform. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

The simple facts are good enough. Though your opponent will come up with lies and half truths for that is what the right fight the reforms with.

FACT – Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should [1]
FACT – PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [2]
FACT – Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [3]
FACT – the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [4]
FACT – Obama was elected to bring in change [5]
FACT – Obama wants to stop insurance companies from screwing America [6]
FACT – The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and Switzerland [7]

Let me know if my facts are wrong, but please provide proof.

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