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Health Care Reform Issues Question & Answers

2013 December 1
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

What Do You Think Are The Main Objections To Obama’s Health Care Reforms?

Even though I am British, I realise that it is a controversial issue in America, but the media have not really outlined properly the arguments for & against health care reform as they are understood by Americans. And I have yet to get clarification on what the main objections actually are.

Please excuse my ignorance, I am not asserting a for or against stance here but am curious as to why Obama is being described as a racist Nazi in some quarters.

Sarah Fields answers:

Just a short list here:
1: Goobernment controlled health insurance -misspelled on purpose
2: We’ll be forced into the goobernment controlled health care whenever we change our health care provider.
3: The country would have to help foot the bill for abortions,
4: It will tell the elderly-or chronically ill-people when they are no longer worth the money it takes to keep them alive.
5: It will drastically increase taxes-regardless what Obama says.
6: the gov. Will be in charge of my health care and my health care decisions will no longer be between me and my doctor, but based on a commissioner and boards decisions which will be based on what the government controlled health care system can afford.
7: The goobernment has bankrupted/ruined every program they are in charge of (Medicaid, Madicare, Social Security, Public education, Post Office) If they’ve bankrupted those why should we trust them to run this program in a fiscally responsible manner?
8: They’re already involved in health care-Medicaid & Medicare.

As to why Obama is called a racist-I’m not real sure. The church he attended for 20 yrs is quite racist as it teaches Black Theology and a general mistrust of whites. Other than that I’ve not really heard anything he’s said that is racist.

Regarding him being called a Nazi- well they were socialists who took over health care, banking, the auto industry and restricted freedom of speech. In the 7 months Obama’s been in office he has taken over the auto industry and the banking industry. He’s hell bent on taking over the health care industry and he’s recently appointed a new “Czar” for the FCC. And this fella really wants to put an end to conservative talk radio in the US. I can’t remember his name sorry. Part of his plan is to have any radio station that plays conservative talk shows pay 100% of what they bring in to pay for public radio-which are all liberal talk leaning.

Sandra asks…

What are the financial issues with the current Health-Care Reform Bill?

I’m doing an assignment in which I’m analyzing the health-care reform bill and what could be done better. I’ve been doing a lot of research and haven’t seemed to find any solid supporting financials. I’m looking for help with getting started. Basically, why might health-care reform be a bad thing?

Sarah Fields answers:

Its an ENTITLEMENT program … Can U dig it?

Also, please do a bit of research on the term “inextinguishable debt”

WHY would responsible “leaders” sign up the AMERICAN taxpayer
for more than could ever be paid off?

There is also a PROBLEM in this country right now in that there are non-elected bureaucrats who can effectively create LAW at will and their “regulations” have HUGE consequences for the rank&file AMERICAN voter, worker, taxpayer …. And what say do WE have in this matter.

Ken asks…

Isn’t the Health Care reform some sort of a violation of the constitution?

Because based on the 10th amendment (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.) basically health insurance is a state issue, not a federal issue. So, the health care reform bill which was signed into law last year, is an unconstitutional law?

Sarah Fields answers:

The power to regulate interstate commerce is delegated to the United States by the Constitution.

Interstate commerce isn’t a state issue, and the health care industry is inarguably interstate, so, no, we’re not looking at a Constitutional problem here.

Most lawyers agree, including Ronald Reagan’s own solicitor-general. I don’t like the PPACA very much, but I do think it passes Constitutional muster.

Perhaps this is a defect in the Constitution – a document which is, after all, very old. When the Founders gave the Federal government the broad power to “regulate interstate commerce,” I don’t think they envisioned superhighways and an Internet that made essentially all commerce interstate.

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