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Health Care Reform Issues Question & Answers

2015 November 7
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

Everything about the Health Care Reform?

I am a 7th grader now and I need to submit in a project about the health care reform issue.
I want to know what it is, the advantages or disadvantages of it and advocates of each side and their main arguments.


Sarah Fields answers:

Please check out these sites that provide summaries of health care reform (pro and con):

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Is there a solution to Health care reform that doesnt involve more government control?

What is the liberty solution to Health Care Issues in America?

Sarah Fields answers:

Well, the repub alternative is health savings accounts, tax cuts. Only six million people trust them. Only two of those used to be uninsured. Which means it doesn’t work. It certainly has not brought down prices.

David asks…

With libs in control & public support for health care supposedly high why is health care reform taking so long?

And if public support for health care reform and a public option is so high. Why are they negotiating it behind closed doors ?
Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.

Sarah Fields answers:

Liberals aren’t in control. There are moderate and conservative Democrats who are being swayed by the health insurance industry and by some of their conservative constituents.

I support President Obama but he needs to be firmer on this issue. As I have said previously, if LBJ had been president health care reform would have been passed before the August recess, with the public option.

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