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Health Care Reform Issues Question & Answers

2016 January 12
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

Health Care Reform was a major issue during the 2 yr campaign, and Obama’s Campaign Promise.?

Why is everyone so surprised Health Care Reform going to be passed? Obama is fulfilling his campaign promise, he was elected to do. What a concept, a candidate actually fulfilling his campaign promises?

Sarah Fields answers:

OMG we are going to kill old people! Congress is old people. Haha

Donna asks…

Why are there TV ads for health care reform?

I have seen a lot of a commercials dealing with the current push for health care reform. Almost all of these try to push for support of the Democrat’s plans. I believe I have seen one that was opposing the Democrat’s attempts to rush it and call for bipartisan cooperation.

I am wondering why millions of dollars are being spent on these ads in an effort to convince the public to support it. In the past, in particular the current government, they don’t seem to care whether the public supports bills or opposes them.

Sarah Fields answers:

There what is being called the blue dog democrats. Check and it’s almost positive that your democratic senator is one of the hold outs who does not support the bill. The ads are not to catch his attention as he probably doesnt watch much tv. Probably has things to do. But to drum up support from his constituency who will hopefully voice their concerns and pass the healthcare.

Republicans are not going too far out of their way to fight it but are resisting. Obviously the effort is coming more from the democrat side and idk where they get the money to do this. If it comes from the DNC which has private contributions for the national democratic party. I doubt they can use senate money for such ads idk. When republican issues come up they run ads. For this that or the other thing. Israel makes tv ads for fox news than villainize iran. Thats a foriegn govt paying for propaganda on the public tv. Might even be sympathetic jewish organizations in the US that do fund raising for the jewish al qaedas and “causes.”

its not suo much about caring about the support of the people, obama had himself and other presidents try to go over the heads of congress so to speak and take their case to the people. Obama did this specifically in a tv address i watched. FDR also did it pushing some plan i forget that the congress didnt like. He hoped the people would push their congress man. In the end of his life FDR took a promotional tour for his new initiative.

In those days he rode around on a train and had to go to every town or city and speak publically without tv as much. The tour killed him or deteriorated his health and he never passed his bill. He also tried to strong arm the congress by trying to have his greatest oppositions reputation tarnished and maybe arrested. His opponents agaisnt this measure used this to further mess up fdrs plans. So going to the senators people and getting their support and encouraging them to insist their congressman or senator support the bill has always happened.

In some previous bills recently, the dems controlled congress and didnt need any more support. The republicans were unhappy but the dems had enough votes anyway. Now not only are the cons unhappy, there are some dem hold outs. Its not the first time people werent just completely loyal to their party. They’re still supposed to make up their own mind about things. Even if everybodies a joiner these days. Theres no teamwork but theres a lot of joining. So thats why it is. Welcome to the world of politics.

Betty asks…

In what ways were the demands of the health insurance lobby in opposition to the health care reforms candidat?

In what ways were the demands of the health insurance lobby in opposition to the health care reforms candidate Obama proposed during the 2008 campaign? Why do you think President Obama eventually agreed to the demands from the lobbying groups? Do you see any other options the president might have explored? Do you think this type of compromise is in the best interest of American citizens?

Sarah Fields answers:

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