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Health Care Reform News Question & Answers

2014 February 11
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

Can you simply explain the health care reform?

I’m doing a current event on the health care reform and lately I haven’t been keeping an eye on the news.
Can someone simply explain what is going on with it and their opinion on it?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is making health insurance more accessible by over-taxing the middle class, not really hurting the rich, and giving the lazy a free ride. It does NOT reform health care in any way shape or form outside of insurance.

I’m sure you can guess my opinion by my post.

Daniel asks…

Why did none of republicans vote yes on the health care reform bill?

Even though republicans are in the same group, why did none of republicans vote yes on the health care reform bill? I think they voted for their group, not for people. What do you think?

Sarah Fields answers:

Because they are hand in dick with the insurance companies and big business that contribute to their campaigns. Those same businesses donate freely through advertising to right wing stupidity through Fox News and Douche Limbaugh to keep it going. None of this has anything to do with the ideas of “Life liberty and the pursuit of happines”. And they use religion to back the introduction of new ideas that could benefit others.

John asks…

Will Rush Limbaugh really leave the country when Health Care Reform passes?

This was just on the news so I don’t have all the details but from what I gathered, Rush told a caller that if Health Care Reform passes he will leave the country. This alone is a good reason to support it.

Sarah Fields answers:

From your lips to Gods ear. This is great news~!

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