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Health Care Reform News Question & Answers

2014 April 11
by Sarah Fields

Sharon asks…

What is the big deal with Obama’s health care reform?

I hear so much in the news about Obama and his health care reform. What are the pro’s and con’s? What is he actually trying to do? And why are people so emotional about it?

I am trying to piece together what few news articles and things I can find, but I was hoping that someone could explain to me in a nutshell, what is going on and what may happen.

Thanks so much! I would really appreciate hearing what the opposition as well as supporter’s have to say.

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s a complicated issue, but here is why I oppose it, in a nutshell. Obama has said the he wants to create a “government option” to private health insurance. That is, he wants to create a way to buy insurance directly from the government, which he says will be a cheaper alternative to private insurance. He also says that having this “government option” will force private insurance companies to keep their prices low, so that they can continue to compete once that government option becomes available. He also says that it won’t be mandatory, and that if you like the insurance you have now, you can just keep it.

The problem is, that Congress wrote a bill that was supposed to lay out all the detail. That’s the House Bill (HR-3200) that has stirred everything up. If you read that bill, it will make it difficult or impossible for private insurance companies to compete with this government option. And, in fact, according to that Bill private insurance companies will have to change in 5 years and offer only the kind of insurance that the government says they can offer. Some people, including me, believe that the “government option” is designed to drive all the private insurance companies out of business, and leave the government in total control of health care. I am opposed to that. There are numbers of other issues and problems as well, and the debate continues to evolve, but that is the main issue, in a nutshell.

Daniel asks…

Will there be a capital gains tax on the sale of your home inthe new health care reform bill?

I have heard that there will be a 3.8% capital gains tax on the sale of your home under the new health care reform bill effective 2013. Is that correct?

Sarah Fields answers:

One of the rumors circulating around the internet is that Obama care would impose this 3.8 percent tax on all real estate transactions. In reality, the rumor is just that and has no veracity, since all residential real estate sales provide for a $250,000 profit exemption for individuals and a $500,000 exemption for married couples filing jointly. The new taxes would only affect those sellers whose gains exceed those threshold amounts.
News reported on: 9/20/2010 2:24 PM

They’ll figure out some other way to get you if this does not pass – don’t worry.

George asks…

What does Health Care Reform Mean? Can you summarize it or give me a site that will in laymans terms?

I don’t understand it. What are the Pros and Cons for the American People as a whole? Can someone point me to some good sites to read and to analyze the Health Care Reform? Please don’t give your biased opinion. I am writing a paper for college for History class. Thanks ahead for your help and time.

Sarah Fields answers:

Here are some that I found informative:

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