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Health Care Reform News Question & Answers

2013 July 19
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

What is the Health care reform about and is a good bill.?

I haven’t been able to follow the news recently and I would like to know what the health care reform bill is about and is it a good bill or not. Please write any sites that I can use to obtain information about the bill.

Sarah Fields answers:

There is a list of benefits to it the president posted on his web site which people never read.I read it to find out from the horses mouth.The first is no co-pays where you go to the doctor for a visit.The second no drops allowed in coverage for a pre existing condition.And the rest I can’t remember off the top of my head but it’s posted on there he singles them out on a list.As far as the government plan that people grip about I guess it’s more of an experimental option that you can choose.There are some down sides the media has said that people might be forced on it and that small businesses making a profit of $480,000 or more would be forced to provide healthcare for there employees this is all from the media.I recommend going to for more info.

Jenny asks…

Is FoxNews lying about the health care reform package not adding to the deficit?

Fox News is reporting that the Health Care Reform Package will not add to the deficit.

Now do you believe it? Cons didn’t believe it when the NYTimes reported it. They didn’t believe it when NPR reported it. Now it’s straight from their own leaders. Is that good enough?

Sarah Fields answers:

Now they will question the CBO even though they loudly touted CBO reports to oppose every other bill…

Oh and for Luke right above me…”When will Americans get to see this bill? Oh wait we cant, ”

The bill has been online in the final amended released from the committee version since Oct 2

Ruth asks…

How does the Republican’s fear document help explain the Republicans oposition to health care reform?
It seems that the Republicans are hoping that if they just say that health care reform will lead to socialism that America will be so afraid that much needed reform will be stopped.

Sarah Fields answers:

You think it will lead to socialism because that’s what the power élite tell you. In it’s current watered down form, the HCR being considered is pretty much what Republican Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts.

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