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Health Care Reform Question & Answers

2013 October 3
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

How does the commerce clase support the health-care reform bill, proving it to be constitutional?

I need supporting details that prove the health-care reform bill is constitutional by the support of the commerce clause. I don’t want to hear the downfalls. I’m doing a project, and basically on the national government’s side.

Sarah Fields answers:

Article I of the Constitution gives the Congress the power to tax. Health care reform is Constitutional because it raises revenue therefore it is a tax

Robert asks…

What are some different perspectives on the health care reform?

For english class I have to right an informative, object paper over the health care reform. I need to be able to give at least four different perspectives on the issue. Seeing as I know next to nothing about this subject I could really use some help. Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s ON health care reform.Not “over”.

No one has reformed health CARE.
No one is trying to reform health CARE.
No one is trying to change the way doctors and nurses care for patients.

We are in the process of reforming the way we PAY FOR IT.
That’s called health INSURANCE reform.


Lizzie asks…

What will happen politically if health care reform is not passed?

Democrats own the government. The people want health care reform! Will people vote Republicans back into office? Will Democrats maintain power? Or will a third become prominent? Will people become more politically active?

Sarah Fields answers:

Republicans will not get back into power for a while. They had a chance and they have been tossed out.

We will get health care reform. It won’t happen all at once, but keep in mind that Republicans tried to kill the stimulus and cash for clunkers. They threw a hissy fit over the budget, and that got passed too.

Unless there is a major problem, the Republicans will be lucky to hold on to what they have. They have no leaders except radio pundits, and everytime they show their extremist stance, they become less popular.

The right wingers yell at each other and convince themselves that they are powerful or still in the majority, but they aren’t.

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