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Health Care Reform Question & Answers

2015 July 5
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How can the Republicans contribute to Health Care Reform now?

With their “No Republican will vote for this” stance, have they left themselves any way to actually be a part of Health Care Reform? Or have they permanently cast themselves as outsiders in this process?

And will this help them attract any voters outside of the Tea Party folk?

Sarah Fields answers:

I am a conservitive, and vote GOP. From my prospective: Granted, the folks in the GOP have had many years to address the gnawing problem with health care reform…. They have attempted just about zip. Only after the socialists come up with the most ridiculous venue for that reform, then all of a sudden the GOP gets interested, but with no votes to do anything in their favor…. They seem to just be little voices and nothing goes their way. They had their chance, but George Bush seemed more interested in doing in Saddam, who had an assassination attempt going on against Bush Sr and that among other things clouded Bush2’s mind. There has been a cluster flock in the GOP for a very long time, and the socialist liberals have a well oiled machine. The results should not be surprising.

Susan asks…

What are the good advantages and disadvantages of health care reform in the USA?

I am doing a college project on health care reform and need to know peoples opinions on the matter. What would the pros and cons be of having state health-care such as where you all pay taxes so you dont have to pay for your treatment etc?
10 for the best answer, thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

The market has developed into a framework that effectively cuts out many families from health care access. Considering the trend of last 30 years that exclusivity is only increasing faster. Combination of predatory medical inflation and for profit insurance providers.

We need a model that encourages profit neutral primary care and emergency services.

Sharon asks…

What is bipartisan about the current health care reform bill?

I keep hearing about how the republicans are ruining health care reform with their partisanship.

Doesn’t there have to be at least one concession to the republicans in the bill before you call it bipartisan?

What parts of the bill did republicans write?

Sarah Fields answers:

Under any Democrat President in history, the same M.O. Emerges.

The Democrats “identify” a “crisis” and whip the people up into a frenzy about it. They proclaim themselves the carriers of the elixir that will heroically save all mankind from this “crisis.” When Republicans seek to oppose the spending it will take for this elixir, they are automatically called hate mongers and obstructionists.

Clinton tried it with school lunch menus. He whipped that whole thing into some kind of “crisis.” The Democrats wanted to raise the program by 10% and the Republicans wanted to raise it by 7%. That got reported in the media as a 3% CUT by Republicans. Only when a Democrat is President could an INCREASE be reported as a CUT. Just to make Republicans look bad, but too many people buy into the bullshit.

Al Gore, who wasn’t even President, tried it with global warming and it didn’t work. Today, it’s health care. What’ll it be tomorrow? The whole “world is ending in 2012″ thing, or what?

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