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Health Care Reform Timeline Question & Answers

2014 March 15
by Sarah Fields

Ruth asks…

Could someone please explain, or link to me what obamas health care reform is all bout.?

And also why it is so “unconstitutional”. Im from Australia but im just curious as to what the big deal is, because i know over here we have medicare and most families dont even have private health insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

We have 310 million people and 50 states. That is the reason it is difficult to have any legislation that everyone is satisfied with. The lawsuits that challenged Obama’s health reform law presented an argument that the federal government does not have a Constitutional power to require everyone to buy health insurance.

The federal mandate to buy insurance was bargained in return for insurance reforms since there would be millions more people buying insurance in 2014. As you know this is one of two provisions under review by the high court and could be thrown out.

Medicare in the U.S. Is for people over 65 and a few other groups and has nothing to do with the purpose of the health reform law. There is no universal or national health plan. The Obama health care reform keeps the current system of private insurance in place and forces insurance companies to cover people it refused to cover before. There are other cost-savings in the plan but it is too expansive to mention here.

Here is a link to the Obamacare website and timelines for all of the provisions.

George asks…

What is the fee schedule for failing to get insurance under Obamacare?

Sarah Fields answers:

Healthcare bill info:

Healthcare bill calculator:

Summary of bill:

Health care bill timeline:

Wyden: Health Care Lawsuits Moot, States Can Opt Out Of Mandate


Richard asks…

do part time students get health insurance?

i know this is a really stupid question but i just want to make sure. does being a part time student affect my health insurance? like would it be cut out?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is not a stupid question.

The health care reform is requiring insurance companies to allow all kids up to age 26 to remain on their parents policy, whether they’re in school or not. The only exception would be if you have a job that offers health benefits you must take those benefits, even if they’re not as good or if they are more expensive.

This takes place when the policy first renews after 9/23/10. Some companies have already started but all must be compliant by next September. You’ll need to contact your company to verify the exact timeline for your company.

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