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Health Care Reform Timeline Question & Answers

2015 June 10
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

What is Bob Corkers statement about?

R. senator, Bob Corker, made a remark regarding President Obama’s health reform speech, that he had hoped it would ‘flesh out’ middle ground.
Rather hypercritic don’t you think? That’s the last thing the Republicans want. They want Obama to fail, even if millions of Americans could benefit from health care reform.

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, you are right…the republicans want Obama to fail and they don’t care if the American people are caught in the middle. I saw that interview with Corker. I was wondering if he even listened. But don’t you think that is how the republicans are stalling by throwing out things like “middle of the ground” and they don’t understand…they need more information.

Here is the statement from his office:
“No serious debate can take place without details and language and I am anxious to see the full text of the legislation the President described last night,” Mr. Corker said in a statement today. “This morning, I have asked the White House for the timeline as to when the details of the plan the President announced last night will be available.”

Mr. Corker said he supports a number of incremental steps to reform health care that he says “would go a long way toward meaningful health care reform” and will be supported by both parties.

Among the changes Mr. Corker said he supports are “making sure Americans with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage, tax code changes allowing individuals to purchase private insurance, cross-state competition, and exchanges like we have here in the Senate.”

I find it interesting that he supports the greedy private insurance code changes…please! How will that help? The problem is that only 70 to 80 percent of what insurance companies collect is used for health care. We need to get greed and Wall Street out of the health care business…

Well, the links below explain it all…check out the top 5 contributors and industries…one more politician bought by the health care for profit industry.

Didn’t he say in his interview to allow people to go across state lines to buy insurance? You know, we have a hard enough time finding doctors who will accept in state insurance…what are these people thinking? But that is the republican answer…people should be allowed to go across state lines and buy insurance. Really pitiful!

Nancy asks…

Where can I get the timeline about the healthcare reforms proposed by Obama?

Sarah Fields answers:

Here you are

Ruth asks…

What do you think of the health care reform timeline?

Did you know all of these things?

Sarah Fields answers:

•Temporary high‐risk pool and high‐cost union retiree reinsurance ($5 B each for 3.5
years) (6/23/10)

I really like this one.. Sold the farm

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