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Health Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2013 November 16
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

Can an Company/employer offer benefits (health insurance) only to the employee and not his spouse?

Mu husband has been offered a job in Arizona and it seems the company only has employee benefits for employees and not for his family. That means that only he gets health insurance and not I. We don’t have a kids yet, but plan to. Is that legal for a company to do that? Can we ask for coverage? What should we do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Of course its legal for them to do that.

They don’t even HAVE to offer health insurance to him – its a “perk.”

Actually, most employers don’t contribute much (if anything) towards the cost of family health insurance coverage. Most employers charge the employee the extra premium for family coverage. The employer has no obligation to extend any coverage to you, and they certainly aren’t obligated to contribute financially towards any of your expenses.

If your husband wants this job, then you’ll have to get coverage through your own employer. Otherwise, he’ll have to decline and look for a position that offers family coverage.

Sandra asks…

i currently live in arizona and found out im pregnant i have no health insurance but want to move back to utah?

im applying for state health insurance here in arizona, but not sure if i want to stay here would i need to apply for health insurance again through the state? or could they transfer my insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

I dont think moving is going to help with your pregnancy, your still going to be pregnant no matter where you live.

Lizzie asks…

How to get birth control with no health insurance?

I just lost my health insurance and the birth control pills I’ve been taking are very expensive without insurance. I know one option is to go to Planned Parenthood. Are there any other options?

Sarah Fields answers:

In most states, the local Health Department (here’s yours, in Arizona may offer birth control free of charge. Here in Oklahoma, even minors can go to the Health Department and get free birth control.

Contact your local Health Department with this question. Your taxes support the Health Department, so their services are free.

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