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Health Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2014 April 27
by Sarah Fields

David asks…

Do you have to live in Arizona a certain amount of time to be considered a resident?

Hello. I am moving to Arizona where I plan settle with my family. I have to apply for health insurance and wanted to know if this is something you can apply for right away, or if you have to have lived there for a certain period of time. Thank you for answering and helping me out.

Sarah Fields answers:

12 months. I’m sure you can apply for health insurance right away, otherwise that would be bad for a lot of people. If your still not sure, I would Google “Arizona State Laws”.

Mark asks…

How can we be forced to prove we bought health insurance, yet dont have to prove we are in the country legally?

How can we be forced to prove we bought health insurance, yet dont have to prove we are in the country legally, or eligable to vote?

Sarah Fields answers:

You are misinformed. The ruling on the Arizona law upheld ability of local law enforcement to inquire about immigration status.

And of course – illegals can’t register, therefore can’t vote.

Get a better news provider.

Richard asks…

If health care is so great in the USA why in the hell IS Americans ?

Crossing the Southern and Northern border to get health care ?

NACO, Mexico (Reuters) – Retired police officer Bob Ritz has health insurance that covers his medical and dental care in the United States.

But every few months he drives from his home in Tombstone, Arizona, to this small town in northern Mexico to avoid the healthcare costs that aren’t paid by insurance.How will the republicans explain this ?

Sarah Fields answers:

They can’t explain it. The obvious escapes them, somehow. I have many friends and acquaintances who do this very same thing, because they can’t afford the co-pays and deductibles required to get services here in the US.

Now that Obama is taking the public option off the table to please the Republicans, he is replacing it with health insurance co-ops. Now how is that going to work? Most of us can’t get insurance because of preexisting conditions, or we just can’t afford the premiums.

Has anyone ever done the math on this? I know that Republicans haven’t, because there’s not much math in the Bible, I guess.

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