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Health Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2015 November 12
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

Health insurance for a sixty plus person?

So, I know someone who left P & G a millionaire. Due to the changs in the stock enchange, they now have about 200k to last them the rest of their lives. They say they don’t have money for health insurance. Is there any cheap health insurance for someone who has a fair amount of money like this but not a lot?

Sarah Fields answers:

A high deductible HSA plan, $5000 deductible 100% co-insurance will be around $300 a month. An 80/20 plan PPO will be in the $230 range with the same deductible. These rates are based on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plans. Locate your local Blue Cross in your state online. There you will find pricing and plans in your area.
Personally, I’d suggest the HSA, (Health Savings Account,) qualified plans.

Maria asks…

What is good, affordable health insurance in Arizona?

My job is no accepting aps for insurance till October but I need some now. Any good suggestions?

Sarah Fields answers:

Since you only need a policy until October you should look into getting a short term medical plan. A $1000 deductible would run around $35 per month in AZ if you are in your mid 20’s.

Chris asks…

I live in az and have to pay a 2,500 deposit for surgery but i cant afford it?

I live in Arizona and I have a health insurance named copa care, they want me to pay 2,500 deposit which I can not afford what so ever. I can not apply for arizona‘s medicaid because they are not excepting childless adults. Is there anything else I can do? :( I just feel stuck.

Sarah Fields answers:

Copa Care is a income based healthcare program offered through the State of Arizona, so you are getting the government subsidy just not as much as you would get through AHCCS.

If they will not allow a payment plan you are going to need to increase your income to cover the cost of surgery or postpone the surgery until you can afford it.

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