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Health Insurance California Broker Question & Answers

2014 December 24
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

How do I set up my own insurance (dental and medical) under my corporation?

I am in the process of starting my own corporation. I wanted to setup my own dental and medical insurance for myself. I will be the only employee of the corp. How would I go about setting up my own dental and medical insurance under my new corporation?

Sarah Fields answers:

I know the best organization that can help you out with your insurance needs. His name is Rick Bruner and here’s his contact information regardless if your in California or not:

Rick Bruner
Life/Health Broker
CA License # 0E69398
Phone: (213) 480-3288
Fax: (213)867-5500
Cell: (310) 963-3640

Hope this helps!

Carol asks…

how soon can you use your broker license for health care?

My friend is considering on geting a license to sell health and life insurance in california once she passes the test how long does she have to wait to use her license.? Also does she need to list with any company to sell the insurance..

Sarah Fields answers:

She can’t sell insurance for any company that hasn’t AGREED to let her sell their insurance.

And as soon as she has the license in hand, she can sell.

Richard asks…

I live in california and I need health insurance for both my son and me, where can I get coverage?

Does anyone know where I can get a great medical and dental insurance plan for myself and son? My new job doesn’t offer any kind of insurance until one year of employment. In the mean time, I need insurance for the both of us. So is there any plan that I can pay out of pocket which covers everything.And how much does it normally cost and what would it cover???

Sarah Fields answers:

Use to search for health insurance brokers in your area. A Broker represents multiple carriers and can help you sort through all the different insurance companies and plan options in your state.

Don’t call your auto and home agent they specialize in property and causality insurance. You need someone that specializes in health insurance. These areas of insurance even require separate licenses.

I have seen plenty of dental plans that pay out more than they cost. For example for a dental plan that cost $32 per month you get two free cleanings per year and up to $1,500 in benefits for fillings and surgery. If you go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned every 6 months you will come out ahead.

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