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Health Insurance California Broker Question & Answers

2015 August 8
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

California employers and health insurance costs, are we getting ripped off?

My employer recently stated that there was going to be a 27% increase in our health insurance premiums.
When I call the insurance company, they denied any increase. Our local agent/broker refused to discuss it with me.
When the deductions started coming out of my check it was an even 40% increase.
The California labor board will do nothing without a written statement from the broker but the broker is stonewalling.

Any suggestions to correct this obvious theft?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is not ‘obvious theft’ in the least. The insurer would not admit nor deny any increase in premium, since that is a private issue between the insurer and the employer. Hence, the refusal of the local broker to discuss as well.

Even if the premium has remained static, it is the prerogative of the employer to charge a greater percentage of health insurance costs to the employee, unless you have a specific written labor agreement stating otherwise.

Laura asks…

I need to get health insurance. What’s affordable and good?

I live in Southern California. Recently, my neck has really started to hurt and I think I might need an xray. I haven’t had health insurance in so long. What would be the proper steps to take? I need something affordable.
@Insurance Pickle

What do you mean it’s too late? How is someone supposed to know when they become sick? Are you being sarcastic?

Sarah Fields answers:

Try to compare healthcare plans. You may also want to check into finding a private broker in your area that can help you with your search. Otherwise, you can check out pricing for plans on the the website of the insurance company. Like,,…Or whatever is in your area.

But is a good place to start as you can compare policies from several different providers all at once.

Good luck!

Susan asks…

Private Health Insurance options for 62 plus individual?

My aunt (in California) is 63 years old and she has asked me to find a private health insurance for her. I was informed that anyone that’s over 62 can’t have a private insurance and MUST only use Medi-cal or Medicaid. Is that true? She asked me to check with Aetna, Blueshields, UHC, etc. Any thoughts whether she can get a private insurance from these companies?

Sarah Fields answers:

Not true. Medi-cal IS Medicaid.

But at 63, it’s going to be veeeerrrrryyyy expensive, and they don’t have to cover any preexisting conditions.

She probably needs to go to the government website – – to find out what her options are. Alternatively, she should be talking to a local health insurance broker, who can help explain to her, AT NO COST, what her options are, and how much they’re going to cost.

Since she NEEDS someone to do it for her, she should be using a licensed professional. It won’t cost her anything.

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