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Health Insurance California Broker Question & Answers

2013 October 21
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

which state is easy and best to become a real estate and health insurance agent?

I would like to know which state has easy requirements to become real estate agent and broker. are there any states that doesn’t require 1 year agent experience to become broker or something like that.

Also, i would like to know which state is easy and best requirements to become health/life insurance agent?

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s pretty easy in California. The school is only a couple of weeks and then you take the state test. And that applies to real estate agent or insurance license. The insurance license state test is more difficult to pass.

A good school for insurance license is Mike Russ. I don’t work there, but I went there and it was a good school.

Nancy asks…

What is the best and cheap health insurance?

I came form a different country so i dont have any insurance when i came to california.
What is the best that i dont have to pay anything when emergency and cheap like $30 per month.

Sarah Fields answers:

Hi Bella. You should try to get some insurance right away. There are a lot of options for temporary insurance and cheap rates. Your best bet is to go thought a broker. They have access to multiple providers and can find you the best rate. We used J.C. Lewis and I’d recommend them for health insurance in California.


Good luck and don’t wait too long to get insured. It’s okay as long as your health but if something happens, you could lose a lot.

Michael asks…

Where can I find the best insurance firms in California?

My son just got out of hospital and am really concerned about the health of my family members – what should I do now? Where can I get the best insurance firms in entire California?

Sarah Fields answers:

How do you define best?

Seriously, what you should probably do, is decide WHAT kind of health insurance you’re looking for, and talk to some friends, neighbors, relatives in your area, see how happy they are with THEIR insurance, and talk to a few local brokers.

It’s more important to compare COVERAGE, than to recognize the name brand. But that’s a big job.

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