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Health Insurance California Companies Question & Answers

2016 January 5
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

Can a man remove a child from his health insurance, if the child has no other health insurance? In California?

My sons father is having him removed from his health insurance.
He has informed the insurance company that our son has insurance through me- which he does not.
We are not married.
Is this legal? Is there anything I can do?
He does not have other insurance and his father is claiming that he does.

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, he can, during open enrollment through his employer, or any time, if it’s an individual plan. It flat out doesn’t matter if your son has other coverage or not.

There’s no “mandate” for him to insure his son. There’s nothing you can do, except add your son to YOUR insurance through YOUR employer. That loss of coverage through his employer, is a qualifying event, so you have 30 days from the time he gets bumped offf, to add him to your policy.

Michael asks…

Is it true California residents have to have Health Insurance in order to have Dental Insurance ?

I am a California resident and looking for a Dental Plan only without having Health Insurance.
But I heard that if you are CA resident, you have to have a Health Insurance in order to have a Dental Insurance.
I am wondering if it is true or not.

Sarah Fields answers:

Nonsense. All you had to do is call any insurance agent or even a big insurance company and ask that question. You can buy a dental plan or dental insurance but they have limited coverage and long waiting periods for serious work and you have to go to the dentists in their network. Where I live in California, most dentists dont even accept individual dental plans. Individual dental plans are not like those you get through employment.

John asks…

If you are injured in a crash where the law was broken does (health) insurance have to cover it?

More specifically, in California you have a provisional license until either a year after you get it or you’re no longer a minor. If you were having a friend who’s not allowed to drive other minors under this law drive you and you got in a bad accident injuring you, can your health insurance worm their way out of this because your action was technically illegal? If so, is this true for auto insurance as well? Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

OK, let’s state right up front, that California does NOT require PIP coverage on auto policies, and is NOT a no-fault state.

That means, state law does NOT require you to carry auto medical bill coverage on your auto policy.

HOWEVER. If your health insurance policy ALSO doesn’t cover auto medical bills (disclaimer, I’m not sure if health insurance policies in CA can exclude coverage for auto related accidents, but it IS possible in other states), then you don’t get “extra” coverage that you didn’t buy.

ALSO HOWEVER. If you DO invoke your health insurance, you transfer your right to sue the driver, to your health insurance company, and you MUST cooperate with them – ie, disclose to them the driver’s information, and his parents, and their health insurance.

Just the fact that your friend has other minors in the car, isn’t going to change the health insurance coverage.

BUT. If you’re looking for PIP coverage, and the driver operating the car is either EXCLUDED from coverage, or NOT LISTED as an operator, it’s QUITE possible that the PIP coverage for THAT CAR wouldn’t apply to your injuries.

Insurance companies don’t “worm their way out” of paying valid claims. What happens, is people try to “worm their way out” of paying a fair rate, and end up getting caught uninsured by their own lies.

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