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Health Insurance California For Students Question & Answers

2014 January 21
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How much would it cost to go to a therapist?

I currently have no health insurance. My mom is on limited income and only makes around $800 a month and by the time we pay bills, we only have about $50-100 left over.

When I was about 13, I was sexually harassed by my best friend’s brother. It started out as he would make moaning noises while I was in the hallway, but then progressed. One day, when I was walking out of middle school, he went and grabbed for my butt. But because I am comfortable with lose backpacks, he missed and broke my backpack. One situation has caused me a lot of pain and still is, even at the age of 24. I was over at my friend’s house. Her dad was gone and it was just me, her, and her brother. She left to go to the bathroom. When she was gone, he jumped on top of me and tried to pin me down. Luckily, I was already on edge being around him, so as soon as he inched near me, I kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to fall and hit his head on a chair.

Ever since that incident, I cannot be alone with a guy. I start hyper venting and get a panic attack and I start crying. I have always been quiet, but ever since then, I would not talk to anyone. If people said hi to me, I would say hi and that was it. In high school, I made no friends. And still have none. I’m a college student but because I’m scared of certain environments, I take online classes.

I have big dreams of moving to California and hopefully starting over, once I graduate college. But I know I have serious issues. I feel like such a freak and a total loser. Because of what happened to me, at the age of 24, I have never had a boyfriend, sex, or my first kiss. I have also gained A LOT of weight. Before this happened, I was very active and happy. I would constantly be outside having fun, playing basketball, tennis, croquet, bad mitten, or just anything active like biking or even running. I weighed around 100-110 pounds. But now, all I do is stay home, eat, and watch TV. I currently weight 240 pounds.

I feel like such a failure. I never leave the house because I don’t like social environments, plus I’m ashamed of the way I look. I’m fat and ugly. I think the last time I left my house was a week ago.

I had a job a few years ago at a grocery store. Soon, I had an employee, who was also a man, start making comments to me. I’m a natural blonde. So he always told me how stupid I was. He would make comments like how did I even get in college since I was stupid. When I would make a simple mistake he would tell me what a dumb blonde I was. Before he came on to the job, I was really happy. I was breaking out of my shell and even made friends at my job. I loved working and the customers loved me (at least that’s what they told me. They told me I was the nicest and their favorite cashier at the store). I would never miss a day of work. But when he came on, I hated work and prayed that I would get sick from someone so that I could miss. I would literally cry because I had to go to work. Eventually, someone overheard this guy make reference how I was dumb and they reported him. But after that, they would make me work with him every single day. I eventually quit a few months after that, giving them an excuse about school.

But ever since then, it’s been so hard to find that happiness I felt. I’m 24 years old. I have a dog that I treat like a princess. I always imagined that I would have been married with kids by the age of 25. I have always been mature and just want someone to love me like I would love them. I know I’m not the prettiest, but I am a good person. I remember one time I had a friend (I met him through someone else) and he told me that if I would just break out of my shell and talk to people, I would be so popular because I’m funny, nice, and great to be around. I wish I could be that person.

I had health insurance up until I reached 18. So I have been without any for 6 years. During this time, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, as well as suffering from panic attacks at times. I took a mental illness class last semester and I honestly believe I could suffer from PTSD as well since I cannot be alone in the same room with a guy. As long as there’s a female in the room, I’m fine.

I know I need help. I live in a small town with no free insurance or anything like that. I have registered for a low income health insurance from Indiana called HIP, but they denied me because they are already at capacity.

So I’m wondering how much it would cost to go see a therapist.

Sarah Fields answers:

Try your county mental health services. They have clinics that operate on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. These clinics have therapists and psychiatrists available, and often have pharmacies where patients can obtain medication for a nominal fee.
Look in the yellow pages/phone book in the blue pages/government section under County. Look under Health Department or Mental Health. If you can’t find it, look online. Google your county and state name and Mental health (or health department) If you still can’t find it, call your local library and ask the reference librarian to help you find mental health services in your area. Reference librarians are very resourceful and should be able to come up with the information quickly. All the best to you.

Thomas asks…

what would be the best choice for health and dental insurance?

I’ am 22 year old college student in california and don’t have insurance. i was wondering if anyone can help me with choosing a provider. i don’t really know how health insurance works. but i would like to get something decent thats not to expensive or to cheap, i do want good coverage just in case.
thank you

Sarah Fields answers:

I too at one time needed some coverage when I was in college. I would stongly encourage you to visit this website: I signed up over 5 years ago when I was in college, and they have saved me thousands since. From deep cleanings, xrays, fillings..etc. All services are included in this very affordable plan. Orthodontist and cosmetic surgery are also included. Medical, vision, Rx and more. They even had my benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use them the very same day. Good luck and hope this helps…

James asks…

Truck registration in different state health insurance?

I lived in california and drove a car my dad had under his name on the title. He died and i moved to montana with that same car. I have been on my step moms health insurance plan for some time. I am legally able to be on her plan as long as i list myself as being in the same household until age 26. I was wondering if i register that truck in my name if uncle sam can find out i moved and thus making my health insurance unusable. Should i just drop my step moms insurance and struggle to get my own? What are my options?

Sarah Fields answers:

You do not have to reside in the same household as your stepmom to be eligible for her insurance. As part of the Affordable Healthcare Act, to eligible to remain on a parent / stepparent insurance until age 26:
– unless your parent decides to stop coverage beforehand
– you can live anywhere (with them, some where else, 2000 miles away, it does not matter)
– you can be married or single (only children are eligible for parents insurance, your spouse or children would not be)
– you can be a student or not.

Here’s the tricky one – according to the law if your parent’s plan is “grandfathered” or “waived” their employer DOES NOT have to allow you to have insurance, if you are eligible for insurance through your own employer. The company CAN but it is not required.
= the only way to know if a plan is “grandfathered” or “waived” is for your parent to ask their employer… This is the only, only, only way to know.
= if your parent pays for you insurance through their covered and their plan does not allow it, the insurance company will not pay any claims.

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