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Health Insurance California For Students Question & Answers

2014 April 19
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

How can I get medical health insurance care if I have no money, living in California?

I live with my mother and 2 brothers (11 and 19 years old). I am 24 and my mom is on welfare, she receives Medical, Food stamps, Money from EBT, but her health program does not cover me. How can I get it? I am a current full time student unemployed. I am receiving 160.00 dlls every week for unemployment insurance but that money is used either for school or to help my mom and brothers. What can I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your family is already a drain on society – how much more do you want? It sounds to me like you cannot afford the luxury of going to school full time without working.

John asks…

Can a part time student get health insurance at a discount?

I am 30 years old, diabetic, currently living in South Korea as an English teacher. I am considering returning to America, becoming a part time student, and getting a part time job teaching ESL in California. Can I get discounted insurance at age 30 for being a part time student?

Sarah Fields answers:

“Discount” health insurance, is called welfare. That’s it. There’s no “student discount”, although your school might offer some coverage. Keep in mind, most schools have limited coverage for chronic conditions.

Jenny asks…

Do I have to be a full time student to stay under my parents’ health insurance?

I live in California. I heard I do not have to be a full time student. If this is true, please send me any links you know of that can show proof that I do not need to be a full time student. Don’t lecture me that I should go to school or anything like that. Please just help me find proof. Thank you.

Sarah Fields answers:

~~No not anymore. It changed in Sept 2010 as part of phase one of the health reform. You can read all about it at and see all the time lines for change.~~

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