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Health Insurance California Kaiser Permanente Question & Answers

2014 December 2
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

How much does your health care cost?

I couldn’t believe a woman on TV who paid $450 a month.
We pay pay higher taxes in Canada for ours, but that seemed a little over the top.
(When we did pay for it last it was $32 a month, many years ago)
You must get luxury care for that I assume

Sarah Fields answers:

Too much!

I pay $353.22 per month for health insurance from Kaiser Permanente, here in California. Kaiser prides itself on being “afforable healthcare”. And in many ways it is, but only when compared to other health care providers… It’s still ridiculously high in it’s own right.

This is for basic health care. Far from “luxury”. In addition. I have a co-payment rate of $25.00 for each visit with a doctor. Only routine lab work does not require the co-payment fee.

Donald asks…

What do I do with the rejected health insurance benefits California?

rejected by Blue Cross and Blue Shield/

Sarah Fields answers:

If you were rejected to to an illness, you will find it difficult to get insurance privately from any company.
If you can find a position with benefits however, any illnesses cannot exclude you from coverage under group health coverage.

You might try Kaiser Permanente as a provider if you are not under care currently. If you are low income, contact a social worker in your area and see if you can qualify for coverage from the state.

Linda asks…

Difference between HMO and private health insurance?

Do HMO’s provide private health insurance? orr… what?

Sarah Fields answers:

HMO’s are a form of health insurance that can be operated by for-profit health insurance companies like Aetna or CIGNA,or by non-profit organizations. The first one I was aware of was Kaiser Permanente based in Oakland,California,but there were some smaller ones operating before Kaiser came into existence in 1945. There are several models,but the most common one requires members to have a primary care doctor who acts as a ‘gatekeeper’ to medical care for the member. Read about them here:

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