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Health Insurance California Kaiser Permanente Question & Answers

2013 September 11
by Sarah Fields

Linda asks…

Can people with no health insurance visit a Kaiser Permanente Emergancy Room?

I have no health insurance but need to go to an emergency room, the closest one to me happens to be a Kaiser Permanente emergency room. Am I allowed to go there and receive medical attention? I don’t know if it matters but I live California.

Sarah Fields answers:

No Emergency Room in America could refuse you care whether you are insured or not, they wil treat you and bill you for their service.

Mark asks…

How do i get the lap band process started?

How do i get the process started to get the lap band and what kaiser permanente offers it in southern california and if i have 2 months with the insurance will it cover the lap band.

Sarah Fields answers:

Every insurance company is different. Call your insurance company to ask this question. They will let you know, because policies change so quickly and what is said today, may be different tomorrow.

I have a friend who did the lap band with not much success and complications. I truly hope this works for you, this time. The majority, trade in other health issues that are just as bad as the ones they are trying to avoid, so I hope you thought this one out for a while.

I know of morbidly obese people who have conquered fat loss without the lap band, so I know its possible.

Mandy asks…

Anyone know if Kaiser Permanente is a good health insurance to buy?

I wanted to get this for my parents and they’re asking $800/month for both of them. It basically covers everything with about $25 co-pay for almost everything.
I’m just wondering how the doctors are and how the hospital treat their patients.

Sarah Fields answers:

Most consumer reports put place it as average or better. In recent years they have scored highly in ratings in California so they certainly seem pretty kosher.

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