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Health Insurance California Low Income Question & Answers

2013 December 24
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

What does California offer for health insurance for people with low income?

I currently live in maine and get maine care. what would be the equivalent in california? and is it hard to get?

Sarah Fields answers:

There is no equivalent.

In California, you can be an illegal immigrant or indigent and get MediCal, or you can be simply too poor to afford medical insurance and you get nothing.

Chris asks…

Does any body know what is going on with Obama and the whole health insurance thing?

Okay so I live in California. I am young and can’t afford health insurance rite now. Does any one know if Obama is going to follow through with this whole health insurance thing. If so when is it supposed to kick in? And how will it work exactly? Will every body have free health insurance? Some one please explain this becuase I am realy confused.

Sarah Fields answers:

The plan was never to give free insurance it is to require everyone to buy it. There will be subsidies available to lower income people to help them pay for it. There is already a program for low income people though. It’s called Medicaid. It has been all over the tv, newspapers and internet forever now. You must not pay much attention to what’s going on around you. Obama has been flying all over the country trying to get support to get the bill passed even though more than 50% of Americans don’t support it. Congress is still arguing over the bill and doesn’t seem to be heading towards a compromise that will pass anytime soon. With the estimated price tag of the bill (the government always seems to underestimate) there is no way to pay for it.

Joseph asks…

Are there any programs that provide free or low cost treatment for autistic children?

My child may have autism and I work but my insurance does not pay for autism….Treatment is expensive. Are there any programs for low income families or single working mothers?

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes. It would be helpful to know your location in answering your question, as options will differ across locations, but I will try to give you a general answer.

The programs aren’t even necessarily for low income people but for anybody with an autistic child. There may also be income-specific programs though too. First, let me point out that laws across the USA are gradually being enacted that require health insurance to provide some coverage for autism. You may have legal rights to some coverage and just because the insurance company tells you they don’t cover autism doesn’t mean that that is true. People ARE winning lawsuits against insurance companies to cover autism. Second, you will want to investigate what your state government offers in terms of paying for treatment. I am in California and the state will pay entirely for treatment for eligible kids. Third, all children in the USA are entitled legally to a free and appropriate education (FAPE) and this means addressing autism in the kids who have it. So, at a very early age, if your child needs the treatment, this can be paid for by the school system. If a special education program is not going to be the best option for your child then the school must pay for other treatment, usually in the form of in-home Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.

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