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Health Insurance California Low Income Question & Answers

2014 September 3
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

What does an 18 year old have to do to schedule an appointment with the doctor?

I want to go alone to ask the doctor about my penis, it would embarrass me if my parents knew. Is it possible to go to my clinic and just schedule an appointment or what? Do you think they’d be able to help me or would I need a doctor specialized in what I need (it’s a small clinic; I’m in MediCal or whatever it’s called now, which provides health care for low-income people in California. Help please this question is to my previous concern in my other question, please check it out too. Thanks!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

If you have a medical card (or other insurance card) just call up the doctor’s office and make an appointment. You are responsible for what ever the insurance doesn’t pay – so tell them to send the bill to a friends house.

George asks…

Exactly what would be wrong with letting each state determine it’s own health insurance reform?

Is there some reason why DC is better suited to reform health insurance (obviously they aren’t any good at it, given the debacle we’ve seen already) than Albany or Indianapolis?

Sarah Fields answers:

Allow me this comparison. My state,California, is a generous welfare state and it was used by the other 49 as a dumping ground for their homeless, low income, drug offenders etc. For years. What would stop that practice from coming back to life. The cost of a one-way ticket is certainly cheaper than providing real assistance.

Lizzie asks…

Im a 21 yr old full time college student from a low income family. Is there any free health coverage for us?

Im in california, and i know there is healthy families and other programs, but i do not qualify for any. I have to be pregnant, already have children, be a child, or an elderly. Everybody who is between 20-64 are excluded unless they are disabled. I don’t make enough money to buy insurance, and my parents couldn’t afford it then, and definitely are not able to afford it now. What do i do, is there a program out there that can help me and other college students who pay out of pocket?

Sarah Fields answers:

I dont live in california, but here are some ideas.
You might try calling the local medical society to see if they have any programs. Here in nc, drs sign up to see a certain number of pts for free and the local hosp does their labs/tests for free.
Call your local hosp and speak with one of the social workers there, they usually are a wealth of knowledge and arent as burned out as the medicaid/dss worksers
also, look under clinics in the yellow pages for ministry based ones.
If you are on any medications you can apply to the drug companies for pt assistance. Good luck.

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