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Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 April 25
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

what is a cheap good health insurance company in CA?

hi im 15 years old and i need health insurance for sports and i also need doctor check ups and dental maybe even eye check ups, my parents and i cannot find a company that is cheap and just for me. what is a cheap but good company to go with for health insurance in california?

Sarah Fields answers:

Thanks to “0bamacare” you cannot get on your own policy without a parent also being on the policy. Also, even if your parents do get on a plan with you dental and vision are not included. You’d need a separate policy for that. You may want to have your parents apply for welfare.

Daniel asks…

What do you do for health insurance when working in the film industry?

How would I go about obtaining health insurance if I were to move to California and try getting work in the film industry after college?

Sarah Fields answers:

I would just shop around, get quotes from many companies. That is what we did when our employer raised rates too high and we ended up finding cheaper insurance ourselves. I am sure if you looked around you could get quotes for california health insurance.

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Lizzie asks…

As a employee of University of California, May I waive my Health Insurance and get paid more hourly?

Some institutions will pay more hourly. Is University of California one of those institution that if an employee waives Health Insurance, they will pay the employee more on salary?
Does anyone have resources? Website? I have looked everywhere.

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, if health insurance is one of your benefits, you can opt for cash in lieu of coverage ONLY if you have a spouse or domestic partner that covers you through their employment. The cash benefit is far less than the insurance premium.

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