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Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 December 26
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

Where can I find the cheapest health insurance in California?

Basically I am enrolling in this EMT course and they REQUIRE that you have proof of health insurance before enrolling in the class. Where can I find the cheapest insurance just to fill this basic need? Doesn’t matter about coverage and co-pays, etc. just need something to suffice until I’m done with the course, then I’m going to drop the insurance once I get it from my job as an EMT, ya know.

Me: married 23 yr old female in perfect health.

Sarah Fields answers:

Your school will have insurance info specifically created for students -just ask.

Charles asks…

How to buy the Health insurance for out of state?

I just moved from CA to WA. I have the health insurance in the Blue Shield of California. I am out of state now , so I wonder if I need to cancel the insurance and buy a new one in WA. I don’t have a driver’s licence in WA now. Can I apply for a new health insurance in WA? If yes, please help me how to do that!

Sarah Fields answers:

You cannot transfer the policy to WA so you’ll need to visit a local agent. If you visit an independent agent you can shop the market to make sure you’re getting the best deal. You do not need a driver’s license to get the health policy.

Do not cancel your current insurance until you’ve been approved with the new policy. It will still work in WA for awhile although your co-pays will probably be higher.

Paul asks…

What do serial killers in prison and wealthy people have in common in America?

is it that they both have very good health insurance plans?

California prison inmates get better healthcare than California State Employees. I know because I worked in one prison.

Sarah Fields answers:

Our justice system is a joke considering they don’t even know what justice is. Where is the justice when the victims have to provide a better life to the criminals than they have themselves

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