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Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 February 23
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

What is the cheapest health insurance in California for Students?

I am a students planning to attend UC Davis this Fall. I just found out that all California Universities require students to have health insurance. What is the cheapest insurance out there?

Sarah Fields answers:

When I attended UC there was a student health center and I didnt have to buy outside insurance.

You can be covered under your parents insurance until age 26. They must request that with their insurer. That is the cheapest thing to do. You dont have to be a full time student or a student at all. Students do not get special rates.

If your parents have no insurance, you might try Kaiser. Otherwise you can call an independent insurance agent and ask for the least expensive policy.

Michael asks…

What is the best private health insurance in California?

I am working at a company in California where there is no health insurance offered so I need to get private insurance.

Any suggestions on any good private health insurance companies?

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s not that easy.

There is no one company that’s best for everybody, and every company has a plan that’s best for somebody. Each company also has several different plans available, so the company that has the best plan for you also has plans that are not good for you.

You need to contact a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation and budget. There is no charge using an agent and you’ll have someone local that can help you should you have questions in the future about your plan.

Ruth asks…

How can I get public health insurance in California?

I am a healthy thirty year old male in Marin County, but I’ve been rejected for health insurance twice now due to a reconstruced knee. What can I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Because you live in California and you have been rejected, you are now eligible to get health insurance through the “preexisting condition plan” or the “managed risk medical insurance board”. These are not cheap, but they do accept everyone living in California who has been rejected for other health insurance due to an existing medical condition. What you can do is to apply for the “preexisting condition plan” or the “managed risk medical insurance board”.

“Public health insurance” is the wrong term. “Public health insurance” means government-funded health insurance for someone who meets specific financial criteria, is over 65, is pregnant, or has kidney failure. You cannot get “public health insurance”. You can get health insurance through “preexisting condition plan” or the “managed risk medical insurance board”, but only if you do not ask for “public” health insurance.

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